Friday, November 21, 2014

Panic and Relief

Wow, between work, mom being here and crazy nights, I just haven't had time to write.  Taking a break here at work while I am dealing with an issue to write a minute.  I am just beginning to feel sort of back to normal.  True to what everyone was telling me, this virus did take almost two weeks to get over.  The coughing all night really took it out of me though and I still feel like I am behind in catching up on sleep.  I found a combo of vicks on my feet and nyquil (which i absolutely hate taking) was the only thing that helped me to not cough all night.  Of course around 4 am, the medicine/vicks would wear off and i would be back to coughing.  I also did something kind of stupid.  I let little red stay up a friday and saturday night and we slept in saturday and sunday mornings and now I can't get him back on a schedule.  The past few nights he has been up till 11 pm or later, not wanting to sleep.  I guess this is just the way it goes with a toddler some times so I am trying not to bemoan my loss of sleep, but instead learn how to do work in a gray fuzz.

Running is going well, well until Tuesday.  I had been slowing upping my quarter mile segments and for whatever reason, when I upped my walking to 3 miles and my quarter mile segments to 1.25 miles of segments, my leg started hurting.  Like really hurting.  Like panic mode hurt.  This was my biggest fear, to be back at square one, and I thought we were back there and then some.  I had felt fine during our walk/run, but I noticed my leg was tight during the running portion.  I was going slow in order to help mom keep a comfortable pace, but something during that run triggered pain. Afterwards it got more and more sore and of course I had had PT the night before, so I couldn't tell exactly where the soreness was due to the aches and pains that PT causes.  I knew I had some muscle soreness on the outside of my leg, but I felt that spot that had been bothering me was hurting and that the spot had actually gone from about the size of a dime to more like a half dollar size of pain.  I iced and prayed.

I had another PT visit last night and I just wanted to cry when I saw him.  I really thought I had some how screwed up everything, all the hard work we had done.  He took one look at me and took me back to the treatment room, where he used a tuning fork to determine that NO it was NOT a stress fracture at all.  Long story short, after some painful massage, my leg felt 1000 X better.  I was instructed to keep running and doing what I was doing at to just expect some pain along the way.  I felt SO much relief.   He actually put me on a treadmill last night and let me run some so he could watch, and he said my bio mechanics look so much better now.  My right foot still wants to turn out slightly but honestly, the left leg is the one I have been focusing much of my attention to.  My hips are getting tons stronger and I have moved up to the highest resistance on my resistance band work.  I am ready to run again tonight and see how it does.  Mom and I completed a 5 K with 1.25 miles total of running segments and we finished in around 48 minutes.  I am excited for race day so that we can push it and try to get her a PR!  Her PB is around 47 and with the stopping we had to do the other night due to ice and a dog chasing us, I think we can do it.
So did I tell you about what this race is about and why I want to do it no matter what?  This race is to benefit kids who are track stars but maybe not good enough to get a big fancy scholarship.  The funds raised will go to establishing scholarships for high school students wanting to go to college to run and learn.  It also is in honor of Marvin Hachmeister, a local running legend who is at EVERY local race and is in his 80s now!  He runs a lap for every year of his life on his birthday and this year ran 80 laps!  Here is an article about Marvin and his running career.  He truly is a running god in our area and we all love him dearly!  It is suppose to be a nice day (high in the low 60s) and the race starts later in the day so that should equate to some nice race conditions.  Mom and I ran again last night and she came in at 46:47!  

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