Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

This was a picture on the preschool webpage.  Not sure why little red looks so grumpy.  God bless those teachers that took those kids trick or treating through the business complex this year.  
We celebrated halloween last year but I don't think Andrew had a clue what was going on.    Remember this picture?
Yep, Jake the pirate who carries a light saber.  We didn't really go trick or treating last year because he wasn't really ready for candy and I didn't want any sitting around tempting me.  We went to three or four houses max and then ate 50 cent corn dogs from sonic.  I was kind of dreading this year and hoping he still didn't really understand what the holiday was all about.  I really don't think he realized that candy gluttony was the point but he sure did LOVE dressing up.
I wasn't sure how the whole go down thing would go.  There are TONS of kids and lines everywhere.  Last year we walked down there and after waiting in a line that didn't seem to move for a while, we decided it wasn't worth it.  I guess we just hit it at just the right time last night because the line moved efficiently.  Little red got to practice saying his trick or treat and his manners by saying thank you to everyone.  He also got to meet Clifford the big red dog and some cool fire fighters.  I think he had fun and in the end, we all got some candy that we all liked:)  Candy tax right?  
Then there was this, this morning that i missed:
Oh well, there is always next year.  I hope someone got my shirt and loves it as much as I always do.  Stella and Deuce and I got a nice 3 mile walk in when it warmed up slightly.  It felt good and I am so ready to be running again, even if it is low mileage.  Any mileage at this point would be great.  Three miles walking feels good but it would feel even better if I could just pick up the pace and run a little.  I am hoping to get out and walk again today with my BRF.  Little red has the first cold of the year and he graciously gave it to me so not sure if I want to spread it.  He woke up this morning feeling better but I feel worse. URGH.  Preschool is wonderful and horrible all at the same time.  I thought I had a kick butt immune system till I had a kid in preschool LOL!

Oh well, RLH for all of those running the New York Marathon today!  Good luck and have tons of fun!

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