Saturday, November 15, 2014

A week's worth of catch up!

Wow, has it been almost a week?  Where is time going these days?  So much has happened so let's being at the beginning.
The week's weather has been great till today.  Sunny, 60s and 70s with some wind.  I have been enjoying hitting the pavement even if it is a little walking and running.  By the end of this week,  I will be up to walking 3 miles with 6 quarter mile segments of running interspersed.  I am SO glad to be back running, even it it isn't continual running yet.  I have run three times this week, with some small aches and pains due to the PT I am doing and the re-structuring of my stride and mechanics.  My medial ankle is the most sore since it is now actually getting used.  I am still being very cautious and listening to every little ache and pain.  I am going to continue to try and get at least 4 run/walks in a week for now to get my body ready for eventual running full miles.  
This picture makes me happy.  I am not evening trying some times and my feet aren't out like I am in some ballet position.  I know my PT is working and it makes it worth the pain I feel during and after.  I am hoping this means I will be injury free for a long time.  
The dogs sure are happy to go out.  I am a night runner so I run right after work.  We wear tons of reflective gear so we can be seen at night.   And poop bags.  You never can have too many poop bags. 
Mom was planning on coming up next monday and staying the week but the threat of snow and nasty weather brought her out early.  We enjoyed a little girl time this morning complete with some purse shopping and some fru fru coffee.  I SO enjoy her weeks with me.  She takes the load off of me by doing lots of housework and taking care of andrew so I get a break.  Since I am still battling this cough and cold, I am very glad she is here so I can get some rest.  
Mom and I are doing a 5 K next weekend.  This was the last race I had signed up for months in advance (I am missing yet another half marathon today:).  I guess I have learned my lesson, don't sign up for a ton of races, especially far far in advance because you never know what will happen.  She signed up today, so that I can still do it and stay slow.  She is a smoker of many, many years, who quit when andrew was born.  She has been super active the last few years going to the gym doing Barre class and walking/running, but she still can't do a sustained run.  That is fine and will work great to keep me from "racing".  It will be an honor to run/walk our first race together.  
We went from 70s and nice weather to this.  So far it has been just a dusting but the roads were very messy for run/walking today.  Mom was going to go with me but I didn't want her falling and hurting herself.  I may have to put her on the treadmill this week if this continues.  We are also going to try and get to the pool this week.  Last week was a bust because of busy days.  This week may be equally as bad which makes me happy and sad.  Glad to be busy at work but missing my pool work outs and my little old men.  

Have a great weekend!  Hope the weather is better where you are than it is here today!

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