Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pre-Thanksgiving update

I crave a long run.  It sounds so weird, but I do.  I crave that feeling of being out on the road for an hour or more with just me and my thoughts or me and BRF and our thoughts.  I am starting to get a little bit of a runner's high with each run/walk session and that makes me really, really happy.  I do miss my running routes and my scenery. Just the other day, the snow geese were landing in the fields just out of  reach for my goal run/walk distance for the day.  Part of me just wanted to say screw it and keep going and have my hubby come and pick me up, so I didn't have to turn around and go back.  Running is so ingrained in me now, such a part of who I am that I miss it and want it back, fully.  The good news is, my PT is progressing slowly but surely, and I am now allowed to run up to half a mile at a time with a total of 2 miles of half mile segments interspersed into a total of 4 miles of running and walking.  I will take it.  I have resigned myself to the fact that this process needs to be done right and the pace will be unknown. Technically, I don't have to be training again till January for my spring half series anyway so no need to panic.  I want to ease into this slowly and make sure this injury does not re occur.  I am still enjoying my pool sessions and looking forward to some biking this winter on the trainer as well.

 I did get four days of run/walking in last week, which made me happy but sore.  I am having to come to peace with the new soreness and what it means.  It doesn't mean re injury, it just means hey, you are using parts of your leg that haven't EVER properly been used, don't freak out.
The best part of my run/walks is that Mr. Deuce gets to come along.  It was a wee bit windy the other day and the pups were using each other for warmth and wind blockage.  It was kind of cute.  I guess If baby D is going to run with us this winter, we are going to have to find him a coat that he can run in and not get too hot in.  Stella has a nice thick winter undercoat but poor D is naked as a jaybird (what is a jaybird, always wondered but that is the saying so hmmm).  
I had to laugh at miss sulky face.  This was saturday after the race.  She would lay behind me or at my feet and just sigh the biggest sighs.  Sorry Miss Stella, you can't come to every race.  Such a drama queen.

Well, looking forward to some quality walk/runs this week. Hope you have the same and an awesome Thanksgiving!!!!

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