Saturday, November 22, 2014

Race day

I guess I should really back up and talk about yesterday first.  It was my birthday.  Am i the only one that feels like the older you get, the less meaning this day really has?  I had needed a hydration vest before the 25 K trail race I did so that was my birthday present, back in the summer.  My hubby and i have been on a tight budget and have not been eating out so we chose to celebrate by eating a nice meal out.  Unfortunately, the fog was super dense and I really didn't want to drive all the way back to manhattan to eat so we decided to stay local and go to the local bar that also has a very yummy deli.  My cake was a beer or two (whoops, race the next day), but I had two very, very slowly and ate very slowly and just enjoyed being out of the house and not having to rush home (my mom is still here:)  The beer pictured is a nice 1554 from New Belgium in Colorado.  It was dark, full and perfect.
Then this happened today.  Mom and I ran our first 5 K together at the Bad to the Bone 5 K.
It was suppose to be warm and sunny but it turned out kind of cold and dreary and drizzly.  It was hard to dress for and both mom and I got a little warm by the end.  Mom did great.  She got a PR of over 4 minutes on her previous 5 K time.  The course was very nice, mostly flat with a few short hills and some nice long down hills.  We started out on the track and then headed out on a sidewalk that took us around a the nice park at Cico.  We did have one section on a road but that quickly dumped us back onto a side walk portion.  Mom did great, running when she could and power walking when she couldn't.  
She wore her grandma strong socks today and got tons of compliments.  She was a very strong lady today!
Love the free pictures.  She was awesome, only getting mad at me once for trying to get her to run:)  Love you mom!  Yes, I smiled pretty much the last straight away till the timing mat and on.  I could see the clock and knew she was getting a PR.
She won first place in her age group and won a turkey!  This is Marvin, the man, the legend. 
We had a hot chocolate social after the race and he gave a speech that brought many of us to tears.  Running is about community and the friends you make and keep.  My running friends are like my dog friends, we are all so close.  We celebrate triumphs and commiserate injuries and races that didn't go the way we plan.  He stressed the importance of our running friends and races and getting together to support causes, like the one today, to raise scholarships for kids to continue on to college.  It really was the perfect speech from someone who has been running and racing for many, many years.  
Afterwards, mom was craving carbs.  Even though I took it easy and stuck to my run/walk quarter mile segments, my tummy was not wanting to eat.  I managed to eat a little though.  Don't those nachos look yummy?  

Overall, I had a blast cheering for her,  motivating her and running with her.  I so need to be a pace leader some day.  I really, really enjoyed the whole experience of not racing, just helping others meet their goals.  I knew she could do it, I just had to find a way to get it out of her and I did.  I look forward to our next 5 K together for sure!!!!

A side note:  I noticed that in several of the race pictures, my legs and feet were totally out.  I am disappointed to see that as I felt like we were making huge progress.  I do feel like I was more focused on my mom and her experience and less on keeping my legs straight so there is that.  

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