Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Meet the man that is currently trying to fix me  Yes, he is that crazy!  That is why I love him, he just fits in with the rest of us crazy runners.  He is a runner too, so he understands us but more importantly, he has worked with many, many runners and their various injuries including ultra marathoners and KSU Big 12 athletes.  I met him a few years ago, when I started back to running post pregnancy.  I was a mess and he kindly told me that I needed to stop running, work on strength training and get my core back into shape and then start back running again.  Boy, was he ever right. I trust this man so much and I am trusting him again that we can make it through this injury.

To say I am sore is an understatement.  As tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles get moved and used differently, my leg sometimes screams at me.  I am trying to listen very intently and decipher pain from doing to much (AKA as the lower leg pain) versus the pain from just re aligning my whole body.  I have been trying to mix up the water jogging with biking and walking.  I am up to walking 2.7 miles with minimal to no pain.  I will probably try some three mile walks towards the end of this week.  I am still not sure when running will be possible, but I am trying not to push it.  I would rather get through this and be able to run continuously than to get through this part way and get to run a little and then back to injury.
I had my first DNS at the KC half and full a few weeks ago:(  That was hard.  I had several friends running and their experiences were amazing.  The weather was perfect and they had BBQ and beer afterwards.  I had thought about going along and just cheering everyone on but in the end, with the bills that are rolling in, I decided to stay home and save money.  The DNS this weekend will be the toughest.  This weekend is Tails on the Trail in Topeka, which is a trail 5 K that benefits the local shelter.  Last year Stella and I got second in our age group and I am sure if I had not had been injured, I could have at least placed in my age group again.
This would have been our third year running and I really, really like running 5 Ks with my stella, especially trail runs.  I also am going to be missing my first ever obstacle race with my running buddies that is next weekend and of course the next half that I signed up for at the end of November.  I am still holding out hope for the last 5 K of the month and haven't signed up for the december 5 K that I usually do.  Last year I had a huge race to the finish against a really competitive lady that made the whole race awesome!  Here is my recap from last year.   I am just not sure I will be ready to race by then.  I hope to be back running for sure, but probably not in racing form.  Plus there is one whole mile of hills that were tough for me last year, so not sure I should be pushing hill work at that point.  Anyway, still trying to stay positive and not think about all the races I am not running but the four I will be running next spring.  The goal is the Heartland series and hopefully the Wicked half since it is local as in I can walk out of my house in five minutes be at the start line.  Help me stay positive and leave me a positive comment:)

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