Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Biking and swimming

Since I am not running, we have been doing a lot of non running things.   I took a bunch of pictures in the park this weekend.  I worry that sometimes I give an overload of pictures on FB.  I commonly see someone post one of those E cards about pictures of kids versus pictures of dogs, since most of my FB friends are dog lovers.  I try to mix it up but sometimes the kid to dog ratio gets skewed.  Here are some I held back so I didn't overload my non kid friends.

This is gun thingy is located at our local city park.   Little red loves to sit on it and I managed to figure out how to get up there too this time.  We live about a block away so we visit frequently due to the closeness and also due to the fact that even though I try to pick up yard bombs, I miss some and it is just easier to go to the park than play in the backyard and clean the bottom of our shoes.  
I thought this picture was cool.  He loves this water fountain.  It really grosses me out even though it appears to be clean.  We had to keep him from licking the fountain head and basin.  I am not a germ a phobe, but even though it looks clean, how often do they really scrub and sanitize it?

I think I also forgot to mention that Tony and I had another date night, thanks to our live in nanny.  We went to the beautiful Columbian theater located conveniently in down town.  They had a semi-local band called Carrie Nation and the Speak Easy come and play and the tickets were very cheap. This band was a mix of bluegrass, thrash, and ska.  It was an amazing concert and I hope to hear them again!  They have videos on youtube, but seeing them live is an experience that you can't get from the videos.  Their energy had us all dancing and singing and moving to the music.
There was much to do about biking this weekend.  The trainer needed some tweaking to fit my bike so the hubby and little red worked on it.  
Then little red put his big wheel on the trainer  all by his self, while I was gone for a bike ride.  I mainly have been riding outside as the weather has been PERFECT for biking.  This really is my favorite time to be outdoors and I am sorely (see, I made a pun, get it?) missing running in this beautiful fall weather.  
My coach told me to aim for at least five bike rides a week of an hour or more.  Last night was a great ride, minus the dust from the haulers going to the CO-OP to unload corn.  Most of the fields have been harvested except for the bean fields and the sunflower field.  The moon rise was gorgeous.  My iphone doesn't do it justice.  The only bad thing is that darkness is happening earlier and earlier.  We can still bike on the weekends during the day, but soon, the only biking at night will be on the trainer.  I am hoping i love the trainer more than the dreadmill:)  I have some cool work outs to try and may just have to invest in a heart rate monitor.  Yesterday, I visited our pool center on campus.  I had found out that you can just join the pool for a much lower rate than the whole rec complex (which I would not have used) and they have deep water jogging during my lunch break.  PERFECT.  I signed up, and because I did a multiple month sign up, my monthly fee was only 7.50 a month!!!!!  You can't beat that, especially when they have the flotation belts for use for free.  My first day in the pool is tomorrow and BONUS, one of my student workers is going to go with me!  I have been looking at waterproof cases for my ipod and water proof headphones but may wait and see how things go.  I have also found a few water jogging work outs that we are going to try.  Yep, type A all the way! MUST.HAVE.A.PLAN!

I leave you with this:
Potty training has its ups and downs.  He is doing really great going pee in the potty but poop, not so much.  I couldn't find him last night after my bike ride,  and when I did, he was hiding under the end table taking a poop.  Sigh.  Needs more work but if I can't get him to go in the potty in the first place, I can't reward it.  How do you shape a poop in the toliet dog training friends???

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