Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Injury update

 I had my first visit with my massage guy monday night to do a plan of attack for PT.  He is convinced that he can bring my hips back in and train my muscles to hold my legs in more.  He is also convinced that while I will never be 100% normal in the way I run or walk, that the gains we can make will improve my walk and run and will prevent further injuries of that nature.  He also indicated that in the process of getting everything back in line that I would be super sore, which I am, so no running for a while:(  I totally agree but was so looking forward to some fall running at some point.  Now it is looking more like winter running, which is okay, any running is good at this point.  Just trying to keep my head up and not let negative thoughts creep into my head.
I am doing a lot of this which is nice at work because there is tile and tile means lines I can follow.  I am back to having a right leg that is almost 3 times as strong as my left leg.  Bummer.  I was up to 1.5 miles of walking at a brisk pace and had some soreness return. I took a night off last night and will return to my walking tonight.  
We had game one last night.  Let's just say the results were not good but there are still many more games to go and I am going to remain positive.
It wasn't a good game and I hope that KC fans can keep the faith.  They have had a super hot post season, so they were due one bad game.  
Uncle cayce just got his pumpkin carved.  Little red keeps walking over to it and saying, "scary".  Can't wait to get it lit up at night!  

And lastly for today, an update on Deuce and his allergies.  I finally broke down and did the allergy testing after yet another round of steroids.  I worry about him being on steroids so much and I have read about horrible side effects that I may be seeing now.  Deuce has lost most of his undercoat and it is almost winter.  I have never seen him this naked.  The top coat seems very wiry and thin.  I hope I am over analyzing this situation and that this is normal pre-winter shedding but I am afraid it isn't.  The good and bad news is that there were only two major allergens reported back as high on his test.  Corn pollen was the worst and storage mites were the second.  We are hoping with winter coming on that pollen will settle down.  The storage mites are going to be harder to tackle because I have read that once they are in the environment, they are hard to get rid of.  We use air tight containers for the storage of food and up until recently, we have only stored a bag at a time.  We now are buying from a pet shop that delivers and they want us to at least buy two bags at time to make it worth their delivery trip.  I am doing a ton of research on storage and how to reduce these stupid mites.  I am hoping if we can get both environmental issues out of the way, we can then truly evaluate if there are food allergies present too.  I am ready to start towards a positive step in recovery for my baby-d and stop the steriod usage! 

Have a great week and GO ROYALS!  Game number 2 tonight at the K.  Going to be listening as I travel into town for another PT session.  

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