Friday, October 17, 2014

Ortho Doctor update

Okay before the update I have to do a little photo dumpage of the kiddo.  He is so vocal right now about EVERYTHING.  He now begs to drive any time he is in the car.  Some times I let him as long as he leaves the gear shift alone of course.  He will sit there for hours if you let him and just pretend to drive.  He doesn't get that from me at all!  I HATE driving and if I was super rich, I would hire a driver and a chef first thing.  
Here are the proofs for his first school picture.  Such a little ham!  We will of course have to get all of them.  
I love his teachers.  It will be sad when he moves up.  At least being in the same small building, he will get to still see them everyday.  

Okay on to the important news of the day.  I had a re-check with Dr. Grumpy.  I was really dreading it, so much so that I made myself sick in the office bathroom.  Bonus, I also found out he was in surgery right before my appointment so may be a little late.  Great.  Glad I brought along my newest Runner's World to keep me company.  My appointment was at 9:30 and I think he finally came in around 10:10.  He was totally different from the first time!!!!  I was so surprised!  He treated me like a patient instead of an annoyance, and was very good about explaining what was going on and how to proceed.  I am going to be doing some PT work on my own, which is good, and I am released to start walking on it.  He explained to me that it was not shin splints, as we had originally thought, but instead a specific spot on my bone swelling due to too much load.  I am not sure why the load suddenly increased to the point of causing pain, but why ask why I guess.  Probably just a cumulative effect of all of my training that probably was aggravated by the very different terrain of Konza.  I am just ready to move forward and in a pain free way.  It has been nice having little to no pain the past week or so.  I am enjoying my cross training and will continue doing both biking and water jogging as I can and will work water jogging into my routine for good.  Work is going to be super duper busy next week and my monthly friend is here to visit, so next week and the pool will probably be a bust. I am not hanging up my suit just yet.  I love that I can push myself super hard in the pool and not have any negative effects.  I am enjoying coming up with interval routines to push myself and I am looking forward to some interval routines on the bike as well.  I will admit, while I am getting to see the countryside via bike, I am missing my running routes like crazy this beautiful fall.  Last night we did an 11 mile ride and it was just perfect.  The sunset was amazing with all of the beautiful colors.  It's just different from the back of a bike versus on the ground.  I am ready to be back on the ground!

Have a great weekend!  I, as well as Miss stella, are looking forward to getting some quality walking in this weekend!

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