Thursday, October 9, 2014

First time water jogger here!

Water jogging.  Today was my first time.  My student who joined me today and I went a few days before to get things sorted out.  What I didn't know was that I needed cash for the locker.  Now I know and will bring that tomorrow.  We were lucky in that we could just put our stuff by the pool so we could watch it.  I have done extensive research on water jogging because hello, type A here!  I hadn't gotten a ton of work out ideas but I had found a nice 45 minute work out that we were going to try.  If you are wondering, yes I wore my fitbit that may or may not be water proof in the water and hit my 10 K steps right after we were done.  I have not been a swimmer previously, so I am learning about what I need to do this successfully.  The pool provides the hydration belts, but the rest is up to you.  While normally I don't see many people other than my lab mates, I have figured out I need to invest in a swim cap for sure, so my hair isn't in knots and some leave in condition for post swim.  It tried keeping it in a bun and that was NOT successful!   I was kind of looking like Medusa post swim today.  I also mastered the swimming suit dry out thingy today.  Yes, lady glaring at me from behind waiting to dry out your swim suit, it's my first time using this gadget.  While I do think that this is an activity best done with friends and with a specific work out in mind, I do love it and how it makes you feel.  I seriously had sweat pouring down my face after doing the sprint intervals.  I really felt like I got a good work out in and wished I had started earlier.

I am still trying to find out information on how many work outs a week is a good idea, because I don't want to over do it.  I enjoy biking and biked last night and monday night for more than an hour both times, but I am still feeling some lingering pain in my leg that I am not so sure isn't being caused by biking.  It definitely isn't the same pain but still, I am very paranoid about my leg and any signals it gives me right now.
The good news is the pain has moved from my shin bone to the top of my ankle.  Is this normal?  My ankle was even slightly swollen this morning. I finished up my five days of advil yesterday so maybe that is in response to no advil?  Not sure.  Making lots of notes for the ortho Dr.  He is sure going to hate me the next time I meet with him and I have my list:)  

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