Monday, October 13, 2014

Things that I LOVE fall edition!

Things that make me happy.  Been trying to stay positive as I watch race after race pass that I am not running in.

The first thing is running blogs.  Almost every runner blog that I follow has had an injury that they have had to deal with and they have wrote about very candidly.  I really appreciate their honesty about thing they tried or doctor's visits they have had and the triumphs and set backs.  I love reading and going back through their blogs to find out how things turned out ultimately.
This gum.  It's the little things.  I am truly addicted.

Target pop corn and coke icees!  One bag lasts our whole family for several days.  I don't normally drink soda or regular soda but you can't beat the taste of a coke icee!  Little red loves the popcorn.
Beautiful fall weather.  I SO love this time of year.  This was behind a coffee shop we like and in front of the Flint hill's discovery center.  I wish I was running in this weather,
but I will take at least getting to bike in it.

All things pumpkin!  I finally found the pumpkin spice oreos!  They aren't the bee's knees but they are pretty good.  I am also digging pumpkin flavored beers of all kinds since I am not training.  I missed drinking beers. While I still only drink 2 at the most at a time, I am enjoying what I had been missing.  
This lady!!!!!   I can't say ENOUGH about my BRF!  While I am injured, she is adjusting her training schedule to bike and swim with me.  She even is wanting to walk when they release me to walking and has pledged to do any walking/run intervals I may have to do.  She keeps my spirits up and gives me the therapy sessions I need to stay sane through this injury:)  
This little guy!  Everything is a discovery and an adventure.  While he has his bad days, most days are so much fun with him.  We have recently turned him around in his car seat and he can see stuff while we drive and is constantly yelling stuff out that he sees. I am really loving being a mommy to a two legger.  Eating and potty training are very spotty and we are working on consistency with both.  Napping can also be a chore but most days we still get 2 hours in.  Every day is a new word and a new skill and it is so much fun watching him grow and develop.  

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