Monday, October 20, 2014


Yes, I am shouting, I LOVE FALL!  This is my favorite time of year.  Football is on, post season baseball is still on and the weather is PERFECT for being outside!
Little red and I had to get one more train ride in the park before they shut down the train for the winter.  A HUGE thank you to the volunteers who help run the train every single weekend and on thursdays.  Little red LOVES riding and since we can hear the train whistle from the house, we have to go ride often!  

We also made our now annual trip to the pumpkin patch.  Hard to believe how much he has grown in one year and that he still wears that same hat.

It was so much fun and little red could hardly contain himself with all of the fun stuff to do.  Six bucks to get in (and that is just for your kid, adults pay nothing) and hours of enjoyment = huge success.  
There were tons of farm animals to pet and see.  Of course the baby kittens were his favorite.  He lately has had a thing for kittens.  I am guessing a new kitten or cat will be gracing our household soon.  He gushed on and on all weekend about the black kitten and the orange kitten.
They even have a smaller pumpkin patch for the little ones to pick their own pumpkin in addition to the larger patch where the daddy's pick out their pumpkins (HEHE).  

There are tons of photo ops all throughout the patch which makes mommies like me happy:)  We picked out two large pumpkins for the men of the family to carve.  

So many fun activities and a smore/hot chocolate station as well for us big kids.  This will be a family tradition for years to come, or until little Red thinks it is no longer cool.

But I think we have a few years before that happens.
There was also a train there but NO adults allowed on board.  I was fairly nervous as I was not sure that andrew would understand to stay seated.  The kid in the picture was very kind to make sure that on two of the trips, andrew stayed sitting down.  The third trip, andrew went solo and was fine.  I am trying not to be so protective of him but it is dang hard some times.  He is my one and only and I don't want anything bad to happen to him.
The rest of the weekend was good too.  We pretty much head to the park every night now so we spent time sliding and swinging and running.  We also had to stop for some ice cream because I had to get my walk in and the ice cream place is exactly half a mile from my house.
This is the firs time I think we have bought him a cone to eat all by himself.  It was a small and he wore most of it but he is washable and so are his clothes.  I have been walking a mile every day for the past three days, per my ortho dr's blessings with little to no pain.  I am increasing that today and will do a few days at a mile and a half.  I am going to increase by a half a mile for a week or so and then hopefully I can start back to running low mileage.  I hope to continue all things cross training and got two really good bike rides in this weekend.  Both over an hour, one with fartleks thanks to the harvest trucks wearing the gravel down and one just easy with my BRF.  I am staring some therapy sessions tonight with the master of pain at Body First so will keep you posted on that as well.  

Have a great week and a HAPPY MONDAY!

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