Saturday, October 4, 2014

Doctor's Visits, Vet visits, and Rest, OH MY

It has been a crazy week both in life and at work. I havne't had a moment to sit and reflect, which may be a good thing.  After the pain I had monday, I decided that was the sign I needed to get the ball moving on seeing an ortho doctor.  Tuesday morning, while i was waiting to chaperone Andrew's field trip to kiddy barnyard, I made several calls to the ortho and my new GP.  As I think I wrote before, the Ortho called back and wanted to see me the next day.  Let's just say that visit was not pleasant.  While this guy is the best in the business, according to others, he has 0% bedside manners.  After sitting in a room by myself for almost an hour waiting, he blew in and was very rude to me and blew out before I could really ask any questions.  I had had x-rays while waiting, and I could see there was nothing on them that suggested a stress fracture, but i had also read they don't show up at the x-ray step.  Basically, the doctor told me that I had no business EVER running with the way my body was put together.
This is how I normally stand.  It's hard to get your natural stance when someone asks, so I am betting I am a little farther out normally than even this.  I walk like a penguin and I run like a penguin.  I have been told by my massage guy that my body will rebel at some point and will fail me.  He promised me though if I am smart about training and racing that we can keep it to a minimum and I can keep running.  The ortho doctor basically told me that I needed to find a new sport in a very snide and snarky way.  It broke my heart.  I am already dealing with not running, which is taking away my stress relief and runner's high, and now you tell me to give up this new activity that I LOVE???  REALLY?  It really was all i could do to keep from breaking down in that office.  

We scheduled an MRI for the next day to rule out stress fracture.  His concern was that the pain was not up and down my tibia but localized in one spot.  I was just ready to get a diagnosis, so we can start the rehab portion of this phase.  I know that my October half is no longer an option as is the 5 K i was suppose to run in this morning.  I know that my November races are probably also going to be a wash, well at least my half.  I am at peace with this and am ready to move forward.  

The MRI was easy.  I am very claustrophobic, so having an open MRI with only my lower half in made it easier.  Plus the tech was super nice and played me some heavy metal while I laid there.  It was funny though, have someone tell you to lay perfect still and all the sudden you feel like you HAVE to move.  I didn't know if I could make it for a full 30 minutes, but I did.  My quad was hopping like mad because of the position of my leg.  The doctor's nurse called me the next day with the results, no conclusive stress fracture, but the stress response had started.  We seemed to have caught it early enough that we can rehab it with rest and some biking and swimming.  Then a slow road back to fitness and mileage over a long period of time. I still haven't discussed the length of rehab or how to return to running.  I go back in, in two weeks for a re-check and I assume that is when we will determine a future course of action.  
In the meantime, this is my new best friend.  My boss gave me her bike trainer  and I can't wait to try it out with El Blanco.  While my heart wants to be outside running and I still glare at people as they run around my town, I know I will return and hopefully even stronger and smarter.  The biggest key to me right now is to identify what caused this, and make sure to never repeat it.  I tend to believe that I was fine till i started running out at Konza and on different terrain and on older shoes.  My coach and I have to sit down and talk with my massage guy and formulate a plan.  I am still unsure if I will have to go to PT or not.  I am honestly dreading the bills.  Between the ER hospital bill post Konza, the Ortho Dr and MRI, we are going to be hit pretty hard, even with insurance.  On top of that, two of my dogs have had to go to the vet this week, one the emergency vet with an overnight stay,  and one to get allergy testing since we can't get his allergies under control.  The Lord provides so I am trying to not worry.  I did also see my GP this week because I didn't want to cancel out from her after my Ortho got me in so quickly.  I had a great conversation with her (she is a big runner too) and we went over specific questions for the Ortho, that I needed to be on anti-inflammatories during the two weeks I was off of my leg, and that I needed to go the ER the night after Konza (because honestly the doctor that night made me feel like I was stupid for coming in).  I was really nervous about finding a new GP after mine left her practice but now I am so excited to have a home town doctor that I really, really like.  Heck, I was in the room with her for almost an hour and that is unheard of these days with doctors!  

I am looking forward to a nice weekend of cooler weather and long bike rides.  Hope you have a great weekend too.

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