Thursday, October 16, 2014

Water jogging work outs and ROYALS!

I have scoured the internet to find water jogging routines and found little to nothing.  Maybe I was looking in the wrong spot but I decided to take what I saw and make up some of my own and put them here just in case anyone else would be looking at some point.  I have to do everything in a 45 minute block in order to have time to walk down to the pool, change, swim, change and walk back as I am doing most session over my lunch break.  Here are a few routines I have tried:

Warm up for 10 minutes.  One minute at hard pace, one minute recovery.  Repeat 10 times.  Thirty seconds sprint pace, 30 seconds recovery, repeat 10 times.  10 minute cool down

Warm up for 10 minutes.  2 minutes hard pace, 3 minutes medium, repeat that set 5 times.  10 minute cool down.  I also have tried on the last set of the 2 hard, 3 easy, doing sprints on the hard down the shorter sides of the pool.

Warm up for 10 minutes.  For 10 minutes alternate between hard, sprint and recover.  Change happens when you go from long side to short back to long, back to short etc.  10 minutes medium pace (what i would run for a long run) and 10 minute cool down.

I am still playing around with other ideas.  The rest of this week doesn't look good for swimming, unless I come back to town at night, which is always hard when we get settled in our nightly routines.  The pool is also closed all weekend this weekend for various meets and parties, so won't get to go then either.  The good news is, I have an appointment with the Ortho Dr tomorrow morning.  I am hoping that I will at least be able to get back to walking next week.  I have heard split results on rehab for this type of injury.  I have found some exercises you can do, but most of them seem pretty self explanatory and could be done at home without the cost of a PT session. I have even heard that running slow and low mileage might be an option for next week but I am for once in my life listening to the Dr and doing EXACTLY what he says.  Well, maybe not exactly since he told me to give up running all together.   I finally got the bill from my hospital trip and between the dog's emergency visits and my emergency visit, we are racking up quite the debt and we still haven't gotten the ortho visit bills.  Gulp.  I am praying about it and trying not to worry because I know the Lord will provide as he always does.
In other news, the ROYALS are in the World Series!!!!  Can you believe it?  We are shocked and delighted!  My hubby has been a Royals/Chiefs fan since he moved to KS, but I have been slow to warm up to either teams.  I use to be a HUGE baseball fan but fell out of love with the sport during the last strike.  I was really into the  Oakland A's and loved The Bash Brothers and the whole dang pitching staff including Dave Stewart and Dennis Eckersley.  I had the green and gold satin jacket from Eastbay.  If you are a child of the 90s, you know what I am talking about.  They were super cool and I saved up my money and bought my own, which made it that more awesome.  After the strike, I refused to watch baseball ever again.  Fast forward to a few years ago, when I was in my 7th month of pregnancy, I started spending much more time on the couch.  For those of you who know me, I am not much for sitting still for very long, so it was a shock to everyone that I slowed down and sat down LOL.  We started watching royals baseball on tv at nights since I was stationary, and I saw some really talented players who were just on the cusp of getting it together.  Fast forward once again and we are still in shock.  The boys in blue have gone on a tear and are doing phenomenal!  We can't wait to watch them rock it out in the World Series!
I will get an updated post up post Dr visit tomorrow! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I have so missed my running and the stress relief/high it gives me!

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