Sunday, October 12, 2014

Water jogging is the bomb!

Day two of water jogging was a success.  While my student couldn't come with me on friday, I decided I would go anyway and see how it felt by myself.  While the 10 minute warm up and cool down was a bit boring without someone to talk to, the intervals were good and flew past.  I am pretty sure I am sore in a good way from two days of running.  The funny part was I couldn't get into my locker that I paid for and then I couldn't get my stuff out after the janitor unlocked it for me to get in.  I had to put my wet bathing suit back on to trudge around the hallways of the kinesology department to find someone who could help me.  I guess it has been way to long from the days of high school and lockers.  Even with the instruction they gave me, which were not correct, I could not figure it out till i watched one of the ladies that worked at the natatorium do it.  I made some suggestions on how to improve the instructions for those of us who aren't as smart:)  And I purchased one of these to make it easier

I had to get a new bathing suit and I am very glad I did.  Dick's had their speedo line on sale so I got this beauty for 30 bucks. Probably the most I have ever paid for a bathing suit (yes I am super cheap), but it was worth it not to have cleavage when I was running.

I also got a swim cap to try and help with the medusa hair but haven't been brave enough to try it.  Maybe today I will.  I need swimming tips and locker room etiquette training, please!  I haven't used a locker room since probably junior high.  While I am not the modest type, I know others are, so I don't want to offend anyone.  I am not walking around nude, however, do most people just change at their locker?  I have seen both so not sure what the proper method is.
Biking makes me happy, probably because I get free therapy from my BRF and we can talk more than we can talk when we run. The weather is just perfect right now for biking and I want to take advantage of it while it lasts before the KS winters hit.  Will probably try and go to Manhattan today to water jog but may even bike ride tonight, unless it rains.  I am hoping that biking isn't hurting my leg. I have had a few aches and pains here and there but nothing like it was.  I keep telling myself that this is part of the healing process and that every day it will feel different.  I have had my compressions socks on after water jogging.  It's hard to believe the water causes you to work that hard, but man, my legs are beat and tired after a 45 minute session.  
We had Dogtoberfest yesterday.  I was asked to do the dog agility demo even though I am not teaching currently.  It was muddy and tough dragging all of our equipment out but in the end, my partner Joc got a few inquiries on classes so it was worth it.  I think next year we will also have an inside booth so we can crate the dogs inside and answer people's questions. I think she would get way more business this way or should I say potential business.  Little red got his face painted while I was doing the demo.  Daddy asked if he wanted to and little red said yes but as soon as they sat down, he quickly changed his mind.  Kudos to the lady doing the painting because she did a dang good job on a slightly freaking out toddler.  He wore it all day and kept pointing to his nose to show it off.  I was really amazed at the turn out they had yesterday.  I knew it would be good but wow, that place was PACKED!  I so hope the vendors and rescue groups greatly benefited and hope we have another one next year.  Joc and i already know what we want to do differently.  I wasn't planning on running but had brought deuce to do other demo stuff with and ended up doing a few things with him that didn't require much running.  

Have a great sunday and GOOD LUCK to all of those running Chicago today!  Someday, I hope to join y'all!  Also good luck and safe travels to all of my agility folks traveling to CA for USDAA nationals.  RLH baby!

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