Sunday, October 26, 2014

Catching up

What a great week!  It was one of those winning at work kind of weeks.  A project I have been working on since april (with lots and lots of failures) finally worked.  The bonus is the customer is a very big corporation and they have been very impressed with our tenacity and desire to please them.  They are willing to send us more samples and sing our praises to other companies.  Now we just have to hold our breath that it assembles well.
Then this little guy got sick on thursday.  He threw up three times as I was getting ready for work, once all over me.  I was covered in candy corn and milk.  It was not fun.  I quickly cleaned up and changed and texted his daycare and my boss that I would not be in. He was fine for the rest of the day of course and we had a fun day playing hooky.  
We also finally got our pumpkins carved!  This is Uncle Cayce's pumpkin.  They got wet before we moved them to the front porch so it is a little rotten and moldy now but it looked cool for one night.  
Daddy's pumpkin looked cool too!  It seems to be holding up a little better.  
We had some trouble finding the little candles for lighting them up.  We found some cool LED lights but they weren't bright enough.  Thank goodness for the dollar store.  We found a huge pack of tea lights that work great for pumpkins for 2 bucks.  
We have spent so much time at the park lately. I think we are trying to get as much time in as possible before the winter hits.  Yesterday there was a guy sitting on one of the benches singing and playing a guitar and harmonica.  Andrew went straight to him and sat next to him on the bench.  At one point he looked at me and tony and said "I like this."  I liked it too.  
We were joking that this is my thousand dollar mug.  I am not sure exactly that running this race and prepping for it caused the injury but it is still odd that i was fine running four half marathons this spring and they were all road runs.  Does it bother anyone else that there appears to be a dot between the 2 and the 5?  It was a 25 K, not a 2.5 K LOL!  The bills have finally started coming in from all of the fun post run.  Some were worse than I thought they would be and some better.  I guess i met my deductible with the hospital bill so the rest will be less thanks to that.  Oh well, payment plans are fun right?
This is blurry but anytime I do my rehab exercises, andrew copies me.  He was trying to squat with the ball between his legs.  I have been super sore and I am hoping that means progress.  I go back for two more sessions this week.  I got several bike rides in this week but not as many pool sessions as I had hoped.   Too busy at work to go during the day .  Only got in the pool twice and hoping to get in today as well.  Got in several bike rides and some two mile walks.  Had some soreness in my shin friday and saturday so I cut out walks those two days.  Going to walk today and see if the soreness comes back. 

 I did some running thursday by accident that may have caused some of the soreness too.  Basically, little red and the hubs and i went in to swim  and I forgot the combo on my locker and had to run back across campus to get my combo from my office.  I was in a hurry and did some running to get things before the pool opened.  Bad me.  It felt SO good at the time.  Then after I had soreness friday I was really depressed.  I have not run since September 21st so it has been over a month now.  Shouldn't I be getting better by now?  How long am I going to have to sit out?  If it isn't a stress fracture, why am I still having issues?  I am so ready to run again and enjoy this beautiful fall weather while it lasts.  I am starting to get a little worried about the heartland series next year.  I need to be training again by december at least to be ready.  I know I will retain some of my fitness but I am going to lose all of my endurance.  I kept thinking last night as I was biking, why I am starting to get so frantic about this injury? I think it is the fact that running is hard and I am not looking forward to starting over.  I had just gotten to the point where 4 miles was my base and 25-30 miles a week felt great and doable.  Now I will be starting back over at 0. 
I saw this on FB this week and I almost cried.  Running is a great addiction and I can't wait to be back on the road.  It is going to be hard but I am ready.   

Have a great sunday and a great week!  I can't wait for Halloween!

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  1. It is so hard to be out with an injury! I hope that yours heals soon and you are able to get back into training by December. And ouch those injury bills add up. They are just now starting to come in for us from when my son broke his collarbone. Yikes!