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I had a few questions I needed to clear up from my last blog.  One of the questions was, "did you over do your training since in the blog, you stated this was a "new" activity".  I don't think I did a very good job in writing about how long I have been running and how I train so here is a run down for the curious and a bit of clarification.  I have been running for at least five year.   I originally started running when we got a foster dog in aussie rescue that would not rest unless she was physically exercised every day.  We would go and run/walk at the rec complex that had a concrete track.  I basically did my own couch to 5 K program without even knowing it.  I started on the couch to 5 K officially in 2011 and completed my first 5 K in May of that year.
Let's just say I was hooked from them on.  I am pretty sure I went home that night and signed up for three more 5 Ks immediately.  At that time I started working with a coach from CA, who made me an awesome plan that was five days a week.  I would write in a separate blog for her eyes only what I trained that day and I what I ate and she would analyze and get me feed back.  I continued to work with her till I found out I was preggers.  I did several 5 Ks in that time and my first 10 K.
After my first 10 K, I found out the weird symptoms I was experiencing during training was actually pregnancy related. I ran off and on during pregnancy, but the whole all day sickness for the first three months kind of squashed the idea of running for me and by the time my desire had come back, I was getting bigger and running was not entirely comfortable.  
I didn't do any formal running during pregnancy, but I did run my dog in dog agility until about 2 months before my son was born.  This shot is at 6 months pregnant.  I had a C-section on June 12, 2012, so I had to lay off until I was fully healed.  I tried to go back to running, but started having all sorts of issues and pain.  At that time, my massage guy suggested that I stop running and start working hard core on my core.  I took his advice, and found my favorite personal trainer and her business,  and i am so glad I did.  I did a boot camp style class, five days a week  at 5:15 in the morning and then cut back to three days a week with two days of yoga.  It was tough with a baby in the house and having to get up and feed in the night, but it was worth it.  It was at that time that two things happened, I found my BRF and I made a goal to run my first half.  Again, once I started running,  I was coached both nutritionally and physically.  For this training cycle, I ran four days a week, biked two days and took one day off completely.  
I ran my first half on 10/27/2013 and was again thoroughly hooked.  I wanted a new goal, a bigger goal this time.  I wasn't ready for marathons just yet, but I decided to do the Heartland Series, a series of 3 half marathons that are two weeks apart for two months.  I also wanted to do Hospital Hill which was in June.  
I was very worried about loosing my fitness over the winter,  so I had my coach make me a plan that included an entire winter of running.  I am type A, so I follow the plan like no body's business.  My plans are always well balanced.   I like speed work to a degree so I have some weeks where I have one day of speed work and the rest miles and some weeks where I do two days of speed work and the rest miles. I do one long run a week.  I completed all four half marathons without any issues, getting a PR in each successive one.  I can't wait to do it again this year too!  
I moved to running 5 days a week to get my body ready for marathon training after two nice long weeks off of NO running post Hospital Hill.  I started this plan in July and have had three nice big mileage months, 84 in July, 100 in August and 95 in September.  The pain started late august as I was long running out at Konza in preparation for the 25 K I was running out there end of September.  

I think these pictures illustrate the problem I am dealing with nicely.  I made them large so you can see how I run.  I have a very odd style of running but this is how God made me and I don't think we can ultimately fix it  (or at least that is what I have been told recently by the Ortho Dr).  I am ready and willing to try anything to keep running.  I have done some work with a thera band, and doing what I call the monster walk/squat to try and bring my legs more inward.  I did that for several months but have not recently.  I am open to doing and trying anything.  

I am beginning my third week of no running.  This article posted today by Remy's World made me happy to see that other runners did full months of no running, and did not loose their minds.  I did bike last week, biking around 37 miles total.  I did not feel pain during my bike rides, but it does not provide the high I get from running, which I am missing dearly.  I also have started a regime of advil, 2 every 4 hours for a total of 8 per day per my GP's advice.  I go back in to the Ortho on Oct 17th for a re check.  I feel like I need to be doing some sort of rehab in the mean time and have found some really good exercises online.  I still ice if there is pain, but I haven't really had the stabbing noticeably pain since probably Friday.  I hope that is a good sign and that means things are healing.  I want to go back to training but in a very smart and measured way.  I think that I can still be back strong for next april for the Heartland Series for sure.  Hope this clears up some confusion in some of the questions I have been getting.  

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