Saturday, March 12, 2016

Something to Ponder

Okay, I know I am NOT suppose to self diagnose but without a clear diagnosis from the Drs, I am still hunting for what this is.  I had posted on a running group that includes trail and ultra runners a while back trying to fish for anyone that might have had the same symptoms as I.  Unfortunately, I got little response other than a few people that had stress fractures.  After the MRI came back negative for anything, I started hunting again.  Today, there was a post that had a person complaining of pain in a similar area, so I started following the post.  She had several hits on what hit might be so I tracked each one down.  Then BINGO, one that sounded EXACTLY what mine was.

Flexor Digiti Minimi Brevis foot pain.  Wow!  While I am still convinced the initial injury was something different, the way it feels now fits this to a T!  I have pain in between my fourth and fifth meta tarsal, with pain not only on the ball of my foot but on the top as well.  Here is a link to an article that describes the injury.  Now that I know what it might be, I might be able to track a better way to rehab this.  I have contacted a few of the people who responded with having this as to what they did to rehab and haven't gotten anything back yet.  The article basically says to do the things I am already doing including resting, ice and advil, so hopefully I am on the right track.  My main interest is how quickly or slowly they returned to running.  Technically, I have only been doing non weight bearing exercises for two weeks and not running.  I had one week where I did a grand total of 2 total miles with one every other day but I don't count that week as non running.

Stay tuned to see if this theory holds!  I think I am on to something, just need to figure out how to rehab this properly!

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