Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wicked Half 2016

2015 Wicked Half
2015 Wicked Half

Those of you who read my blog know that I have been battling a mysterious foot injury since February 1st (how nice of  it to fall on a day I can remember the date:).  This race was one of four that I thought I wouldn't be doing.  As the time got closer for the race and we weren't coming up with any ideas as to what it was, I was seriously doubting this race was going to happen.  Then, as it looked like whatever this was, was healing and not affecting my running, I was faced with the decision of should i do this race?  It really was a hard decision, since it is in my hometown, and I literally have to walk 5 or 6 minutes to the start and finish from my house.  Add on to the fact that this is one of the few races I can run with Stella ella, who consequently, had not been running as much due to me getting most of my miles in the pool or on the bike.    It really was a game time decision and I am so glad that I went for it.  I think it will tell me more where I am with my foot more than anything. I had decided not to race it, to take it easy and just enjoy myself.  Unfortunately between the weather reports of 100% rain and the smoke that was cloaking our area, I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to even enjoy myself.  Boy, was I wrong!!!!!

I didn't get to the pasta feed, as my running partner tied the knot at the courthouse Friday night.  We instead had pasta at the Tall grass Taphouse and one beer followed by lots of water.  Do you know how hard it is to go to a brew pub and just drink one beer????

This is what we woke up to.  I was so hoping that orange and yellow was just heavy rain, and not thunderstorms.  Not ideal, but I will take rain any day over thunderstorms.  Luckily, it kind of let up when we started, but it continued on and off the whole race.  The term drowned rat came to mind several times.  
I helped with packet pick up at 6:15.  Many of the racers still needed to pick up packets, so four of us showed up to help.  Unfortunately, there were NO lights in the tent, but never fear, we had head lamps in our running bags, so Mel and I did packet pick up by head lamp:)
 While I had to leave my running partner at the start, I quickly caught up with the Tin man.  She had won the costume contest, so I immediately recognized her.  We started talking and we were running a similar pace, and she didn't mind me yammering at her, so we stuck together the entire race.  I told her where and when the hills were, and where the tops were, and she told me all about coming back from  major knee surgery.  She kept telling me she might get a PR, so I made it my mission to help her achieve that!  I think based on her FB post, she had a 5 minute PR!!!  WAHOOO!  GO Tin Man!!!!
Tony ended up not getting down to the finish line with stella's collar and medal due to the rain, so she had to model mine.  While the conditions were less than ideal, I am so glad I felt strong the entire race.  I never had any pain (i am sure adrenaline and endorphins covered that up), and I had great conversation to keep my mind off the cold rain.  I was really worried those hills would kill me since my last hill repeats were in January, but I felt good on every single one.
Of course as soon as I got out of the shower she wanted to go throw the ball.  Silly girl, we just ran over 13 miles and you are still rearing to go?   Yep mom, I am always rearing to go!!!  

As always, this is a great home town race.  Yep, there were some small hiccups today, but I hope that doesn't turn any runners off to running here again.  Every year it grows, which brings more challenges, BUT it improves as well.  Great job Doug and everyone at Body First for a great race again this year and THANK YOU so much for allowing me to run with my dog.   I can't wait to see the awesome pics!


  1. What a great run down. Thank you for helping us make this a great race for all.

  2. How cool that they let the doggies run with you! My pup would make it about 5 feet before insisting that I carry her :)