Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gypsy Runner Gear Review

Okay before i start this post, how beautiful is this?  Okay I know, my definition of beautiful is odd, but I sure do love puffy clouds and rural roads.  
 I have been meaning to do a post about Gypsy Runner, but now that I loaded up on gear from her from the Garmin Half/Full, I can tell you about some of my new favorite products and pass on a little discount to you!  I finally got to test run the new to me compression shorts in the Cosmos design and the new tank with the runner girl + dog.  Let's start with the shorts!
Those who know me, know that I am a big dog nerd, BUT those who know me well know I am a HUGE space geek. While I did get the capris in the dog paw theme to match my arm warmers, I had to get the shorts in Cosmos print!  These shorts are compressive and wicking, and are a blend of 80% polyester and 20% spandex.  The come in either 7 inch or 9 inch inseams and they run true to size.  The real reason I LOVE these shorts??????  DOUBLE POCKETS!
This is my Iphone 5S in an otterbox case.  The phone fits comfortably inside the pocket and DOES NOT BOUNCE!  
The phone fits snuggly all the way down into the pocket, but I wanted to leave a little sticking out so you could see.  I really thought I would have issues with my phone bouncing but nope, no issues.  I love my running belt, but this is a game changer for sure!  I can't wait to do a long run and see how much crap I can fit in these pockets.  With two, I am betting a whole bunch!  AND, the capris also have two pockets.  Better yet, Gypsy runner also makes the pants with double pockets if you are more into pants.  Right now, Gypsy runner has a sale on the Safari design in the capris and shorts for the next two days 20/21 of April.  If you use the code safari you can get 10 dollars off at checkout!
AND the burnout tanks like the one I wear all the time are on sale for $20!  Gypsy runner custom made one for me with three dogs on it!  Super cute! They come in tons of colors and designs and all ship for 6 bucks USPS!  Or check Gypsyrunner out at a running expo coming near you!  
Let's talk about this tank.  It isn't available online yet because I am testing it out, as are many other runners and giving feedback.  I ran today when it was about 67 degrees out and pretty humid, and I had no issues with chaffing at all!  I never felt overheated and I felt like it covered my girls adequately.  The material is super soft and comfortable.
Look at the back details!  Gypsy runner has so many designs but the dog themed ones have my
 I love the fact that the tank is flowy at the bottom, not hugely fitted.  The burnouts are pretty fitted, so I went up a size or two just to get a size I felt comfortable with.  I have rolls, so I don't really like showcasing them, but this tank doesn't do that.  Yet, it isn't so flowy that i couldn't wear it to a yoga session and it stay put.  I can't wait to get this tank in lots of colors and designs (well mainly the dog designs for me!).  
Before I close this post, don't forget about the SUPER cute cover skirts that Gypsy runner carries.  I have the black and white dog paw themed skirt as well as the sugar skulls skirt.  
What I like best about these skirts??? They are cover skirts, so you can wear them over your favorite pair of compression shorts.  I have yet to find a skirt that has shorts that stay down on my fat thighs, but with the cover skirt, no worries!  I wear shorts that i know are comfortable and don't ride up under them.  Plus Gypsy runner has TONS of colors in their skirts so you could even find a cute fun color to go with your skirt!
So there you have it!  Go visit today!  Amy is SUPER helpful if you have a question and keeps the gypsy runner facebook page regularly updated.  She will also let you know what Expos she will be at so you can shop in store or should I say in booth.  She has so many cute products including decals, hats, arm warmers, and sweatshirts so take a look!  My van may or may not be covered in her decals:)  Tell her Runs with Reds sent you!  I promise, you won't be disappointed!


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