Friday, April 15, 2016

Heartland Series Week 13: Race #2 of the Heartland Series

Going to sprinkle in photos from last weekend's race for this week's run down.  You have to love a race that gives free photos to all of those entered.  
 I have no clue who the girls on the right are but we all cuddled up and took a pic
Monday:  Strength and T-ball.  Little red decided he did NOT want to even go to T-ball.  We bribed reasoned with him that if he went, he didn't have to go out on the field, but we would go for Mcdonald's afterwards.  He ended up spending the whole time on the field and doing much much better.  Well, other than throwing some dirt in a kid's face.  What is the obsession with dirt?  They at least did several exercises out in the outfield, so he didn't have the dirt distraction there.  I hoped we would have one very tired little boy afterwards, but nope, he was awake past 11.  So glad to have a night owl NOT!
I knew I should have moved over to my left.  Right before this picture and several before this for that matter, the two ladies had their hands up in the air totally blocking me.  
Tuesday: 4 miles planned.  Oh, good old Kansas wind.  Need I say more?  At least it was from the south and west, so I got it over with at the beginning of my run.  I did walk a couple of times just to stretch out my tight again hip.  At least it isn't hurting, but it is tight and I am stretching like crazy to get it to relax.  
Mel was right, I can always pic myself out of random pics with that pink hat on
Wednesday:  Strength and deep tissue massage:  The deep tissue massage happened, the strength, not so much.
I ended up scooting my bike and trainer into the living room, and riding for an hour while watching the Royal's game. I was just kind of down from the whole massage.  It was good one, but we are both puzzled as to why my legs just won't come in.  I am afraid again that this is the beginning of the end of my running career as the orthopedic dr predicted 2 years ago, so a little teary. I don't want to have to give up yet another sport that I love:(

Pretty sure this is at the end.  Ignore my foot, it makes me cringe too

Yes, I am still carrying gloves.  Mel told me to throw them away but they made good tissues.  
It seems to be getting way worse with me running way less and doing better at my strength training and PT.  My hip and upper leg appear straight but my lower leg just isn't getting with the program.  I really am a freak of nature.

Thursday:  Planned 4 miles.  Ended up running 6.  Only getting about 1 day a week lately with Mel so we have lots of catching up to do. Sometimes you just talk and forget about the miles.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Garmin marathon and Half marathon

Sunday: Rest

Total miles for the week: 23

One more half marathon to go body!  You can do it!!!!

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