Saturday, April 23, 2016

Heartland Series Week 14 (Recovery week)

Taking recovery seriously this week.  One more half in the series, plus a 5 K I threw in because i can run with stella.  Here is how the week went down plus running pics from the Garmin!
Amy and I running together.  This pic was taken by her hubby on the course.  This was right before they split us off.

Monday: I really didn't have a plan for this week.  Glad that I didn't actually because Andrew came down with some sort of virus/pink eye/allergy thing.  I ended up taking another day off (hello four day weekend).  The good news was that t-ball was canceled due to rain, but the bad news was I did have things I needed to get done at work.  I decided to do an easy, peasy 3 miler with walk breaks and then head to work.  It wasn't pretty, but we got it done and I headed into town to work.  Glad i got everything done in 4 hours and very glad I have a very understanding boss that will let me do so.  3 miles done.

Dave, Amy's hubby took this and we didn't even know.  Showing off our awesome arm sleeves from Gypsy runner
Tuesday:  Strength and Day 2 of Pinkeye prison.  The doctor (who never gave us an exact diagnosis and I totally understand why) put andrew on eye drops.  I have concluded that putting eye drops that kind of sting in a toddler's eyes is pretty much like pilling a cat.  His eyes are completely white now, so either those drops work really quick or the virus was super short lived, or it was just allergies.  I decided two things today.  One) if andrew isn't contagious after 24 hours, we are busting out of this house and going to do something and Two) I count chasing a 3 year old and carrying a 3 year old all around a big hilly zoo as cross training for the day.  

Coming down the final chute!
Wednesday:   Again no agenda, no plan, but it was a beautiful day and I just kept running.  5 miles with my best girly.  I instituted a walk run plan today, as I am still in recovery mode.  I also had just listened to an amazing podcast on AMR about heart rate training and was greatly intrigued.   My coach doesn't use heart rate training but I am seriously thinking about trying it!
Making faces.  Hope the lady that is in front of me doesn't wonder who the crazy girl is behind her
Thursday:  Woke up with pink eye in my right eye.  Yep, eye was matted completely shut.  Glad I have the eye drops, so I can get on treatment pronto.  So much for thinking I dodged this bullet (and yes, it must be viral pink eye).  I am really, really glad this was a super slow week in the lab and that my boss is okay with me taking off 5 days between my race, my kiddo having pink eye and me having pink eye.  In honor of my stupid eye, I decided to do my long run after I got the house cleaned and laundry done.  I had decided on 8 miles but was at 8.56 when I got close to home, so decided to round it to an even 9.
Crossing the finish line
Friday: Travel day to St. Louis for some family fun.  We had planned a long weekend to meet up with Tony's mom  (andrew calls her grandmama).  We have no plans, but we are hoping to hit up City Museum again and maybe the zoo.  This trip is all about FUN!

Saturday: St. Louis fun

Sunday: St. Louis fun and drive back to home.

Total miles for the week: 17 nice easy recovery miles

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