Sunday, July 20, 2014

A full week of five

Good morning!  How are y'all?  Thanks for hanging with me for a week!  It's been good and I feel blessed.  After a small blip of a mystery fever (that I keep getting mysteriously on and off), I recovered and was ready to try my first week of five days of running. I have done a 5 day schedule before, but that was pre-baby and a much different running schedule.  This week consisted of a double of 3 and 3, some speed work with a nice easier speed session, a long run of 8, and a couple of fours.  Since I did a double, I may only get 3 in today. My two goals for this training session are to find my paces previously seen again, and to increase my weekly mileage in preparation for a 15 mile trail run.  I also am going to get more on trails since that is such a different type of racing than road racing.  

The corn is getting pretty high now.  Sometimes it is pretty and some times (like when it is still dark out) it kind of freaks me out.  Especially when the wind rustles through it. I always expect a zombie will pop out and try to come at me and eat my brains:)

This week had a ton of night running thanks to my hubby's very busy work schedule.  I am SO glad that he has a job and is making some good overtime, so we can get some things caught back up.  The weather cooperated by giving me some nice nights where the temperature was only in the 70s and little to no humidity.  I also feel like I am finally getting caught up on my sleep.  I am glad to kiss the zombie feeling good bye.  We have at least one more week of me night running due to his schedule and we will not be blessed by such good weather.  
I see some heat indexes of 110 in there.  Yuck.  I will have to be creative, maybe running after dark if needed.   Not going to be fun, but again, money earned is more important than me getting runs done and  I will be smart this time about my running in the heat, especially after this this episode this year.  
This was from last night.  We did a nice lazy 3 mile walk with my BRF and her dog maddie.  We even stopped for milkshakes at sonic because, who can resist walking by sonic and not getting one when they are half price?  I am pretty sure chocolate milkshake at 9 pm contributed to andrew staying up till 11:30 but oh well, it was fun and I am glad we did it.  I may have a slight addiction to chocolate peanut butter fudge milkshakes.  I am very glad they come in smalls now so I can indulge occasionally and not feel like a sloth.  I miss them in the winter when they go away!

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