Thursday, July 31, 2014

Brew to Shoe week. It's go time!

 It's been yet another week of running at night and surprise, I am still tired all the time.  I am currently making a list of things to talk about with my doctor when I finally get in to see her in august.  Like the fact that I am tired pretty much 100% of the time.  This isn't really a new thing, but it is new in that I always thought it was strictly because i ran in the morning and got up so early.  So it's been around a while but I just ignore it.  Also the dizzy/buzzy spells I get,usually in the afternoon.  I always attributed that to too much caffeine in the morning but here lately, I haven't been drinking as much caffeine.  Lots of things to think about and discuss.  Sure, I get a runner's high every time I run but I also get long run hangovers like you wouldn't believe.  Yeah, we don't eat well, but we do eat red meat and some veggies and I am a lover of apples and bananas so while I don't eat them every single day, I do get them in occasionally.  I know my eating could always use a boost in the healthy direction but it is what it is.  I am getting around 9 hours of sleep a night and yes, that is all night sleep.  I have been blessed so far, with a child that goes down and is out till I wake him up at 7:20 in the morning.  I also haven't noticed a big effect on my sleep by running at night.  We usually eat between 6 and 7 so I go out around 9 pm and I have been in bed a little after 10 every night and out by 10:30.
The good news is my mommy is still here.  She has been going out and walking/running with me at night or taking andrew in his jogging stroller so I have a water source when I pass by.  The weather has been absolutely perfect this week, some say even chilly in the mornings.  Kind of glad I am still running at night.  It's just as peaceful at that time of night and no humidity.  There is a wee bit more traffic getting out to my running routes, but once out on the gravel or at the industrial park, I am good to go.  Mom even did a couple of hill repeats with me after my three mile run.  My coach is trying to get me ready for the two 10 Ks coming up this weekend and two weekends from then.  Both have monster hills around mile 5 that kick your butt if you haven't trained for them.  I blogged about the Brew to Shoe last year here.  It was my first 10 K post baby, and I was really happy with my effort.  I am a much stronger runner now so I expect to do better this year.  I would like to PR if my health and the weather all cooperate.  Hills are not near as scary, post my four half marathons this spring.  In two of my halfs, they had a timing mat at the 10 K mark and I was under an hour for both so I know I can do this. Just need to make my brain get in the game.  That brain that says, stay slow, you will need power for those hills later in the game.  As of right now, my game plan is to try and stay in the low 9s the whole race.  I have been doing hill work as my body has allowed it as I strangely enough love running hill repeats.  I smile when I see them on the schedule. Probably has to do with the whole recovery walk back down the hill thing.  I am going to be sad that tony has to work but very glad that my mom and my kiddo will be there to cheer me on.    

Mom got to run with reds all this week:)

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