Saturday, July 26, 2014

Yet another fever!

I have yet another mystery fever.  This is becoming a regular occurence.  It happened a couple of weeks ago and I wrote about it here and also here.  I did call my doctor and I can get a complete physical in august but no sooner thanks to insurance.  I have decided that if I have fever on monday, I WILL go to the doctor and demand tests.  This is happening almost every two weeks and is totally inhibiting my training.  I am tired of it.  I am NOT a sickly person and I am NOT one to lay around. I am getting plenty of sleep, good food, and water so it isn't any of these things causing me to be sick.  I would think if it was serious, I would be having a continuous fever but I am not.  This time it has stayed around 100 so just enough to drive me nuts and make me not want to train.  This time it started on thursday.  I had gotten dressed and was heading out to do my 800 meter repeats when I got a chill.  I just thought it was because it was so hot outside and so cold inside.  I took my temp just in case because I also had a dull headache.  100.2.  Sigh.  Put on my pjs and went to bed.  Took friday off anyway as I had signed up to be a chaperone for andrew's class.  Woke up fever free so thought I was in the clear.

After helping with andrew's trip to the fair and the playground, I started feeling weak and had the chills again and yep, it was back.  I had planned on having a rest day friday anyway since we had yet another day with a heat advisory and temps over 100.  I had hoped that if I rested two days in a row, that I would be okay.  I had hoped that this morning I would feel good enough to maybe do a short slow run but that was not to be either. I woke up at 5:45 and quickly turned my alarm clock off and slept till 8 when andrew woke up.

The weather is suppose to be nicer tomorrow so still holding out hope that I can get 8 miles in or maybe even pull a double tomorrow.  Brew to Shoe is one week away and I HAVE to do well.  I so want an under an hour PR and I know I can do it if I am healthy.  So, will take it easy and try and run if I am fever free today.  I have been hovering around the high 99s so far so fingers crossed!

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