Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Running.....Had me a blast (NOT)

Yes, Grease is going through my head right now.  I think in musicals a lot.  I can't wait to share the great ones with Andrew.  I hope he loves them as much as me!  Summer has returned after a brief respite.  Last night I had 3 miles with 4 hill repeats at the end on my schedule.  I decided since we were under a heat advisory and I had to run at night, rather than do hill repeats and possibly pass out (it was still heat index of 98 at 9 pm last night with a dew point of 72), that I would just do an easy four and not worry about pace at all. As long as I got my miles, I would even entertain the idea of walking some if needed.  I filled up my bike water bottle with ice and a water and headed out.  For most of the run, I held the water bottle like a football which kept my body nice and cool.  As the ice melted more, I started pouring the water on my hat which would trickle through and keep me cool.  I decided to go out on my corn field route and hope that irrigation sprinklers would also be on, and score, they were!  I was feeling great, already at mile 3 and high fiving myself for being a beast and feeling cool, when a tiny hard backed bug flew into my eye and proceeded to try and claw my eye ball out with his little clawed feet.  I am so glad it was dark and Stella was not with me because i was dancing around and screaming the F word.  Stella probably would have bitten me on the butt dancing around like that.  I tried to flush it from my eye with my water bottle but the dang thing kept digging in.  On top of the digging, the stupid bug was emitting a acidic stress response that was stinging my eye like no other.  I had a split second where I thought about calling my hubby to come and get me, but it was 9:30 and he would have been putting Andrew to bed and I was only a mile away from home at that point.  I figured I would just have to run home and get it out and run one eyed.  The stinging stopped after a few strides so I must have drowned it and taken its little bug life with my deluge from the water bottle, but at this point, my nose was running like a faucet and I probably looked frightening.  When i got home, it had firmly lodged itself in the corner of my eye and nothing was working to get it out.  I finally had to get into the shower and turn the cold water on and with the shower head in my hand, put a direct flow into my eye to wash it away.  After all of that manipulation, my eye was pretty sore and red but the crazy bug was out. Of course I had to take a picture of it.
So little to cause so much pain.  My eye feels okay today, just sore but based on the number of gnats and flying insects I had plastered on me last night, I am for sure running with safety glasses on tonight and keeping my mouth closed.  I don't care if I look funny, at least I can finish my run and not in pain.  Will have to see what tonight holds.  We are still under a heat advisory but we are expecting some rain and a cooling off.  It's funny, I was super anal about weather when I was doing so much driving for agility, especially in the winter, and now running has turned me into a weather freak.  Funny how addictions do that to you.  

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