Saturday, September 19, 2015

20 miles: A long run story

I am going to write part of this post before i run and then part after so forgive the tense shifts:)

What I was thinking beforehand:

You know, I hadn't really haven't been dreading this run like I think I should.  For me, it's just one more mile to build on the long runs i have been doing.  Of course, now fall is here so this run should go well.  The high today is suppose to be 60.  It's 53 right now with 95% humidity.  Sigh.  Stupid humidity.  And I can't find my arm sleeves.  That was suppose to be last night's mission, find the bag of winter/fall clothes that I stashed away so neatly, so neatly that i can't for the life of me remember where the hell I put them.  I think I used one of those nifty ziploc bags you suck all the air out of.  That sucker could be cleverly anywhere.  Anyway, just had my UCAN and coffee, hoping for some digestive action before I meet up with my BRF to hit airport loop.  I have perfected the art of getting 16 out there by looping and back tracking and double backing.  I should totally do mapmyrun during, so you could see the crazy map but i value my phone battery more than my readers:)  I have several podcasts cued up.  My plans is like normal, go out and talk with my BRF, bathroom break around 4ish, podcasts start around the 1 hour mark post BRF, and then podcasts till I need a lift and then it is rock my run.  I just downloaded a new to me mix of 80s music and I am PUMPED to hear it!  I have my new shoes just in time to do my 20 miler, my new compression socks, and stella ella by my side.

What I was thinking during:

God is great.  Nature is beautiful.  I need to poop.  Time to gel.  Can I walk for a few minutes, NO.  Why did they just rock this road?  I wanted to see some harvesters out this morning.  Hi Robin, bye Robin.  I love porta potties.  
Oh look, a rainbow.  Must take a pic and instagram.  Yes, I can take a pic and instagram and type and run all at the same time.  Done with podcast, bring on the music.  Time to head home for one last fueling and to get my sun glasses and ditch this coat.  4 more miles, I got this.
Hi moo moos. See you next week.
80s music rocks.  This is the best music mix ever.  I could so do an ultra.  I could so do 6.2 more miles.  Come on hip, hang with me, we can do this.  DONE.  Time to eat all of the things. NOW. Chocolate milk done, sausage egg biscuit done.  Time for a shower and TAPER MADNESS!

That wasn't the best long run i have ever had (last weekend took that award) but it was  a good run and I feel great.  A little sore, a little tired, but VERY happy with my nutrition and fueling and training.  Bring on Chicago!!!!!

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