Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Random thoughts by Michelle

I saw this on FB today and it just cracked me up.  Yep, totally me as I sit here sipping my pumpkin spiced coffee from my keurig.  I had pumpkin beer last night, as well as a pumpkin latte from my favorite local coffee store yesterday to celebrate national coffee day.   I embrace all the things pumpkin for sure.
This cracked me up too.  Every time I get excited for a cool down, it just turns around and gets hot again.  Like monday.  We sweated our asses off during our easy 6.  Come on summer, just leave already!  It was so hot stella ella couldn't even come with us.  Seriously summer, go away!
This came this weekend too.  I am a bundle of nerves, not about the run itself, just all of the details.  I know you aren't suppose to walk much the days before, but I HAVE to see how long it will take me to walk to my corral and gear check and map out a route.  If I don't,  I will be a mess the day of.  Still not sure how we are going to get from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the expo, but I guess we can figure that out when we get there.  I am such a planner, that going to a city i know nothing about and dealing with public transportation possibly scares the hell out of me.  OH well, we will make an adventure of it for sure and probably learn a lot in the process.  I am hoping I can do several big city marathons, so I'd better learn quick:)
This also came this week in the mail!  I won this super cute hat from Allie over at Vita Train for Life.   If you don't follow her blog, you are missing out.  She rarely gives things away, so when she had this new hat from Trailwind up for grabs, I had to enter.  My favorite hat sadly is having mold issues, even though I take care of it like my own child.  Even though I wash it, you can still see where the mold was, and it makes me feel very icky.   I took this hat for a spin monday on our sweat fest and it worked beautifully.  Will be interested to see how it does with my head lamp.  

Well, have a great hump day.  Just needed to get some randomness out.  Looking forward to a nice COOL run tonight.  I am really enjoying and embracing the taper.  My body needed it and I needed it mentally for sure.  

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