Saturday, September 5, 2015

Training week 14: 6 weeks to go till Chicago (and three weeks till TAPER!)

Okay so I am SO over summer.  The humidity is killing me and I am so tired of it!  Okay, whining over, at least I am not injured and getting to run.  Here is how my week broke down.

Monday: 1.5 mile repeats with 400 or 800 meter recoveries.  1 mile warm up and half a mile cool down.  Woke up at 4:30 to get this beast done.  Also chose 400 meter recoveries over 800 so I wasn't out for 3 hours.  Was able to hit my goal pace for three of the four repeats.  Still not sure why the fourth repeat was craptastic, as it felt much like all of the other repeats.  It was 100% humidity at the start and a dense fog started to descend when I was out.  We were wearing the air.  Stella looked like a puff ball by the end and I was soaked not from sweat from head to toe.  Ended up cutting my cool down short.  Was not feeling like running up and down the block several times to complete the half a mile.  My phone says I did 8.6 miles but my watch claims 8.2.  Not sure which one is right so will split the difference and claim 8.4 miles:)

Tuesday: night off.  Andrew had soccer and then by the time we got home, we had dinner and bath and bed.  Will switch my work outs to thursday/sunday for the rest of this month.  Working on a blog about our first soccer experience.

Wednesday:  My marathon tempo run with 10 minutes at MGP and 2 minutes at easy pace, 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down.  Basically 6 miles of repeats LOL!  When I had looked at my weather app the night before, there was a little thunderstorm symbol at 4 am, but the chance was very low.  I checked radar before I left, and it looked like everything was north and south of us.  I kept thinking I saw flashes of lighting to the north, but couldn't tell for sure.  I would catch it out of the corner of my eye, and not really know what it was.  Well, about 2 or so miles out, I saw a HUGE cloud to ground strike.  To say I was freaked out was an understatement.  My only option at that point, since i am out in the middle of no where on a gravel road, was to  high tail it back as fast as I could.  Let's just say that was the easiest tempo run ever!  Fear is a great motivator for speed.  Unfortunately I had 8 miles to do total, and had only completed 3 of the 6 tempo miles and 1 mile warm up.  I quickly took a bathroom break once I got home, looked up the treadmill pace chart and hopped on the mill with some OITNB.  While it wasn't ideal and had a break in the middle, I got it done and am happy to have easy runs this rest of the week.

Thursday: Strength training
This is my, WOW this work out is kicking my butt face!

Friday: 5 easy miles with my BRF.  We took it easy and walked when we felt like we needed it.  It was super humid, yet again and we were both drenched after 1 mile.  I am so over summer.  Have I said that lately? URGH!

Saturday: 18 miles.  I started out on suboptimal sleep.  I haven't had a good night's sleep in three days thanks to a toddler who WON"T go to bed at a decent hour no matter how hard i try and an old dog who suddenly needs things throughout the night.  He had me up at 2 am and then when I decided to re set my alarm and try and get one more hour of sleep,  he had me up again at 4:20, at which time I gave up and got up and starting my pre long run ritual.  Let's just say this run was tough.  The humidity was high as usual, the temp was already hovering near 80 and I just felt deflated.  I managed to run 2 miles at a time before walking my 10th of a mile and I counted down nine 2 mile sets versus 18 miles total.  I ended up getting almost 15.5 miles on the gravel road before hitting the house and re loading on water/gel.  After that I kind of ran around wamego trying to find shaded streets for stella and i to stay on.  The sun was out full force and nasty by the end, thanks to my late start.  I feel like the last time I did 18 was much more successful but oh well, every run can't be sunshine and rainbows.
My splurge post run

Sunday: strength

Total Miles: 39 miles

I am looking forward to completing the tough stuff. I keep telling myself, you can do this, just two more weeks till taper.  I am tired and starting to not love running as much as I usually do.  Every work out feels like, well, work versus pure joy, which is what I usually feel.  I keep telling myself, think about all the injured runners that would die to be in your spot.  I am very happy (knock on wood) that my body is cooperating with this higher mileage.  This is probably the most I have ever run in a week and other than the fact that I feel like i did an 8 hour trail ride today, I feel pretty good.  Let's continue this trend and slide on into TAPER TIME so then I can go taper crazy!

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