Saturday, September 12, 2015

Training week 15: 5 weeks till chicago!

It's every closer every day.  Just 7 more hard work outs till taper time and then I can loose my mind in the taper crazies!  Here is how the week went down for better or worse:

Monday:Scheduled 2 mile x 2 repeats, 400 meter recovery, 1 mile repeat, 400 meter recovery, 1 mile warm up and cool down.  After another long night with miller waking me up about every hour after I had finally given up and went down stairs because a certain little two legger wouldn't go to sleep, I woke up very late and very tired.  After discussing with my speed work running partner Mel, we decided we were willing to try for 8, just not a hard work out.  She had things going on, and I was exhausted, and it was already in the 80s with 88% humidity.  We took it easy, and still had to walk a few times.  I don't mind walking at all, would rather walk a minute or so, than pass out.  We got it done and were drenched by the end.  I was SO glad to be done with this work out.  Other than the heat, it was a beautiful morning and the wild sunflowers are in full bloom right now.  We saw tons of beautiful butterflies and had some laughs along the way.  I am super blessed to have so many awesome women in my life that run with me.

Tuesday:Day off for Andrew's soccer practice, take 2.  Last week was kind of a bust but after a week of playing in our new soccer socks with our new soccer ball, we had hope that he might want to play along this time.  After seeing his friend from school and figuring out the grass wouldn't poke him with his new tall socks on, he was willing to try the drills. While I do think they tried to talk way more than just having the kids try things, andrew seemed to have a good time and spent most of the time on the field versus sitting in our laps crying.  I call this a WIN!

Wednesday:  Another long night with miller but not as bad as the night before.  I was probably on up 2 times and got in bed and asleep at a decent hour.  Made the decision to sleep in anyway to try and make up for the last two nights of missed sleep meaning running post work.  The high was only suppose to be 83 with the humidity low by 7ish so I felt like I could try the proposed work out.  Work out to be done: 3 miles at MGP, 3 minutes recovery, 2 mile MGP, 3 minutes recovery, 1 mile MGP, 3 minutes recovery with 1 mile warm up and cool down.  Mel G joined me and even though it was still in the low 80s, we were able to hit our MGP and hold it no problems.  The biggest difference, NO HUMIDITY.  I hate humidity!!!!  It has been killing me all summer and maybe, just maybe it is going to go away???  That would be awesome!  We did have to deal with the little gnats that come out at dusk and I probably ingested my fair share as well as had a ton in my eyes.  We had to stop once during my 2 mile tempo and pour water in my eyes because I seriously had like 10 go in my left and right eye all at the same time.  Even when I got home, I pulled 2 out of my left eye and one out of my right.  YUCK!

Thursday: Strength

Friday: an easy 5.  I got to run at night and the weather was PERFECT.  However, my legs were lead.  At one time I saw a 12 on my watch.  Now yes, I was taking it easy but usually when the weather cools down like this, I see my easy runs drop way down in pace as in like low 10s with little to no effort.  I am so ready for taper, it's not even funny.  I think my body is exhausted.  I was also super sore from my work out thursday.  I did several new exercises that I haven't tried this training cycle and they kicked my butt!

Saturday: 19 miles.  I LOVE fall running.  No more getting up at 4 am to beat the heat and avoid the sun.  The sun actually becomes my friend.  I decided to get up around 5:30 and head out around 6:15ish.  It was 50 with 91% humidity when I got up and started to get ready.  The humidity quickly dropped as the sun came up which made the run amazing.  I was going through almost 40 oz of water per long run.  Stella and I probably drank 20 oz if that much.  I had been pretty much walking every mile thanks to the heat and humidity.  Today, I only walked when I fueled so at mile 8, 12, and 16.  I some how got 16 miles done on the gravel before heading home for my last hit of fuel.  Stella and I hit 19 as we were coming to the house so got to walk a little bit for a cool down.  I have pretty much had a runner's high all day.  That really was the best long run of the entire training cycle.  Now let's hope I get that lucky next week when I run 20.


Total miles for the week: 40

ONE MORE WEEK AND THEN TAPER.  Yes I am screaming because my body is so tired.  I am so tired.  I am ready to be taper crazy!

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