Saturday, October 3, 2015

Training week 18: 2 weeks till Chicago (Big GULP)

After my body decided to fall apart last week, I was excited to see some lower mileage this week. This is how the week played out.

Monday:  Planned one mile repeats (x 5) at MGP.  What happened-Slow and easy 6 miles.  My leg was still bothering me and I just didn't want to chance it.  Instead we took it easy and tried not to get run over by grain trucks. They are almost done with the corn but then some of the beans look ready so we will be dodging trucks for a little while longer.  At least our local farmers know us and make every effort not to run over us.

Tuesday: Rest day-Saw Doug at Body first for one last tune up.  He spent the entire time trying to get my left leg to loosen up and submit.  Had to make another appointment just so he could work on my right side.  It was bad but nothing he couldn't fix and I am so grateful to have him there to work on me when I need it.  I really don't know how anyone makes it through any training cycles without people like Doug.

Wednesday: Planned 4 miles at MGP with a mile warm up and cool down.  What happened: Another easy 6.  After my massage I was super sore so I took it easy.  I wanted all of the tweaks Doug did to actually work and not undo all of the progress.  We even walked some and talked lots and I can't wait to train for the Heartland Series with Mel G!!!!

Thursday: Rest day.  Except I was on my feet all day long at work.  I usually do a combo of sitting and standing and I have been standing pretty much all week as we do the final moving of our labs.  I was exhausted when I got home and still had a business dinner to attend.

Friday: After a long night up with Miller, I had an option to cross train before my last long run.  It didnt' happen.  I was exhausted.  We took miller to the vet to make sure we shouldn't be doing anything more for him to keep him comfortable and to discuss end of life options.  I have cried much the past few weeks as I know this is where we are headed.  The old man's body is just petering out and I want to make the decision before there is any pain involved.  We decided to try an injectable pain med to see if that helped him in any way.  I do think he was feeling better Saturday so we may try a few days of this strategy and see how it goes.

Saturday: 10 miles on the plan.  10 miles done in wonderful fashion.  I feel like my body is starting to heal and be happy again and I am getting pretty darn excited.  Saw some lower paces even though I was taking it easy and that always makes me smile.  Chicago, here I come!!!

Sunday: Rest day

Total miles for the week:  22

I am going back to Doug on monday to finish my tune up.  I am getting so excited and so ready to run this race!!!!

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