Friday, October 30, 2015

I am a sucker, Pics from The Chicago Marathon 2015

Yep, I am a sucker.  I bought the digital downloads for all of them.  Here are the best.  I had picked out three I wanted and it was cheaper to download them all then to buy and download the three.

 This is my favorite one and probably the one i will print and hang on the wall.  LOVE the colors and how I looked.  I looked strong instead of like a dying cow:)

I kind of sort of remember running over these mats.  They weren't at the very end but I swore I was looking directly at the photographers.  So weird that some people knew to look directly up.  I don't remember them being up that high or in that position.  Maybe I was hallucinating at this point?

In retrospect, I wished I had taken more photos with the photogs post race, but I had assumed my hubby and i would be meeting up and he could take pictures with our phones.  Oh well, it wasn't meant to be (we didn't see each other again till I had showered and was ready to hit the train to the airport).  There will be other marathons, I am sure!

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