Monday, October 26, 2015

A thank you post

I am a little behind in writing this.  I have been on such a high since Chicago and I am slowly coming back down to earth:)  Here goes, some super sappy thank yous to all that made this possible.

First off, to my three running partners, my BRF Robin, my speedy running partner Mel G, and miss Stella-Ella.  Thank you for being there for me no matter what the work out, hour, or temperature (or humidity for that matter).  You have motivated me to be the best I could be.  Thank you for pushing me during speed work, and making me run when I didn't really want to.  Thank you Stella Ella for being by my side during EVERY SINGLE RUN.  When I had to go inside my head to not panic about the lack of watch and or phone, I just visualized all of y'all there, and it was all good.  I can't wait to do a marathon with Stella ella and Mel  this year or next, and I can't wait to train for and run together the Heartland Series next year with Mel.  Thank you both so much for the gifts post marathon!  I will cherish both so much!  Robin gave me my necklace that I wear to proudly every day, and Mel took me to the running store to pick out my 26.2 sticker for my van.  Thanks for listening to me pre/post and during many runs, and when you couldn't be there physically, thanks for letting me text/call/FB chat (sometimes even during the runs:).

Thanks to my hubby for taking care of little red while I got all of this training in, especially after I started going for longer and longer and longer.  Thanks for understanding that it wasn't just the run, it was the pre-run ritual, the post-run chocolate milk, and sometimes the ice bath and a nap.  Thanks for also enduring my requests for more and more gear.  You never say no, even when I say, hey, let's go to chicago and run a marathon for a long weekend trip! Thank you for trying your hardest to see me on the route.  Even if I saw you once and you never saw me, I knew you were out there and that kept me going.  Next time we will have this down!

Thanks also to my parents who packed up and headed out for a week of watching little red, so we could have some "Us" time, and I could stay off of my feet some.  I am really glad for this trip we left him at home, because we were able to do whatever whenever, which included a ton of just laying in the bed and watching TV (something I don't ever get to do at home:).  Little red is still asking when y'all are coming back, so come back SOON!  We love y'all!

And last but least my coach, Coach Jenny.  Wow, what a great training cycle.  You helped me get the mental part of running going in the right direction and that was huge.  Your work outs are awesome and you got me to love the strength training, something I usually skipped.  Other than a few aches and pains and a small illness or two, you got me through big injury free and totally ready to throw down at Chicago.  I am really looking forward to continuing our work towards a better half marathon time and another stab at a full and that 4:30 I so desperately want.  Let's do this!

A big thank you to all of y'all reading all of my ramblings.  I started this blog for just a few people to read about my training cycle and it has morphed into more!  So cool!  Have a great week!

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