Sunday, October 25, 2015

Happy, happy weekend!

It was a week of easy runs and it will be that way for quite some time.   I managed three, 3 mile runs and a 6 miler, all with walking and running and a very easy peasy pace.  I am really enjoying mindless runs, because my body does need to heal and I am going to pay attention to letting it do so.  My ankle is still a little hateful, so will continue to go in and have body work done, as well as icing and compression during and after every run.  Even hitting it with my deep blue EO every night.

I was so glad to actually get to long run this weekend.  While I don't miss getting up at 4 am and gagging down drinking UCAN, i do miss the time to clear my head and get some me time.  This weekend has been all about my little red, and i needed some mommy time for sure today, even if it was for only a brief hour.
We got to see Thomas yet again on Saturday, this time at one of his shows that he puts on.  It was a free event that the town of Salina Kansas puts on for the local kiddos.  We got invited to head out with another mom friend and her Thomas addicted kiddo.  What we didn't know was that it was a trick or treat costume thing, complete with contest.  The boys were dressed alike, not planned, so we said their costume was "Twins".  Both boys had a great time despite the crowds and got tons of park time afterwards.  Little red, despite not having a significant nap stayed up past 10 pm.  I really thought he would crash hard early, but nope.  This kid is the energizer bunny.  I honestly need to bottle up his energy and drink it daily!  We have had a full day today of playing and the park and he hasn't napped and is still going strong, yet again.  

I am looking forward to another week of easy running and incorporating strength training back in.  I can't believe I would ever say I missed it, but I did.  Have a great week y'all!

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