Monday, November 2, 2015


So, my strides felt great last monday.  My legs felt like  normal and Mel and I felt like we had the best run ever.  My ankle felt like it was almost ready to  be back in action, and I was hopeful.  Then Tuesday, I woke up with a very stiff ankle and wednesday as well, and during my run, I had some moments of pain.  Nothing horrible but enough for me to take notice.  I came home, unfortunately had to do some house work, but after a few hours, was able to pop some advil, take a load off and elevate and ice.  The next morning, it didn't feel so bad, just maybe tight, but I wore my compression socks, just in case and took some advil with lunch.  I am frustrated with this dang ankle.  Doug isn't for sure what is even causing it to hurt.  Yes, the knot in my calf was pulling, and yes it felt better post massage, but then it has slowly over time started hurting again.  What is even weirder is the fact that it normally doesn't bother me during my run, but yet hurts the other 23 hours of the day. Again, not a horrible pain but a 2 or 3 on a 10 point scale.  

I have my theories of course.  One is that it is still that tendon/ligament issue that I may battle the rest of my life, since I run funny and have changed my bio-mechanics (thus putting a different type of load on that area).  Sometimes i cling to Doug's theory that all runners have aches and pains, and this is normal and will be my new normal.  Another theory is that by wearing my kinveras during the day at work (to try and get away from wearing old broken down running shoes as my everyday shoes), that i have caused some difference in what my foot/ankle is use to.  I am hoping that I am in some sort of break in period, and I should just ride it out.  Note: I started this experiment of wearing my kinveras the monday post marathon and have been wearing them ever since.

I know I over think things and if you can guess, things are slow at work, so my mind wanders to running and my stupid ankle.  I don't want to over think things and yes, my ankle was getting better till we added those strides in (and they felt SO good during), but I also want to pay attention and get anything that is lingering fixed before I go into training for my halfs.

Okay enough about my stupid ankle.  How bout them ROYALS!!!!!

Many late nights have been spent watching these boys in action!  I am so excited to have an awesome team to cheer for here in Kansas!  Not only are they super awesome,they play as a TEAM!  I am so excited to have some super role models for my son to grow up and watch.  Congrats to KC for winning the World Series and just being extra awesome human beings!

I also need to correct a couple of things with my thank you post.  I left out one very important person.  Doug at Body first was key to me being able to complete this journey.  He absolutely helped me for FREE post my injury last year, giving up his time and expertise to get me back on the road.  He works on me when I need it and provides me with sound advice and totally understands us runners and our insanity.  If you need a deep tissue massage or help with a nagging injury, PLEASE go to Doug at Body First!!!!!  He understands the runner's mind and body and even travels with the track and field team to help keep them in tip top form.  

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