Saturday, November 21, 2015

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me!  My mom put this pic on FB this morning.  I was suppose to be a christmas baby, and I ended up being a thanksgiving baby, thanks to me being born a month early.  Back then, they didn't use ultrasound regularly, and mom actually had to have an xray before I was born that determined I would be a c-section baby, since I was breech.  Note the similarities, my own son was breech:)  Guess it is genetic.
The hubby had to work today, so andrew and I slept late (wow 8:30 after going to bed before 10) and went to town and shopped.  We hit up my ever favorite Target, after a short stop at Menards for dog food, and to look at christmas stuff (andrew's fav thing right now).  We also stopped at my favorite coffee shop, so I could have some birthday coffee, and again checked out the Christmas decorations that up already.

My mom went all out and had me a whole HUGE bag of work out clothes including pants, shorts, tank tops and a couple of cute winter weather tops.  She finds the best deals, as everything was marked down and all either target brand or old navy but not at full price.  She is a shopping deal ninja!
I ordered my present from tony and andrew in advance, and it arrived just in time for me to do a quick 3 mile run last night in the dark.  I had been wanting a new head lamp, one that didn't come from home depot, so when I saw the newest one from Nathan in the latest Runner's World magazine, i was so excited.  Then I looked up the price, OUCH!  Lucky for me, they had one that was still quite amazing with most of the same functions, yet a little cheaper.  I found it on amazon at a great price, showed the hubs quickly ordered.
This pic does not do the amount of light it puts out justice.  This is an area of my running route that is VERY dark, as in no street lights and lots of trees.  You can't see your hand in front of your face on a cloudy night.  The nathan headlamp honestly lit up the entire road, and I had no issues seeing at all.  The other function that I LOVE is that you can change the brightness you need by a wave of a hand over the sensor. I also love that it will strobe when oncoming cars are headed towards you, so they can see you. I try and wear both passive and active light options, so this is a bonus for being seen.  
I can't wait to use it more next week on my nightly runs.  And now to go finish celebrating my birthday!  Hoping to have a long run tomorrow as this cold is slowly exiting and the coughing hasn't gotten any worse.  Have a great weekend everyone!


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