Saturday, November 14, 2015


This week has been a bust.  I kind of felt like I was coming down with something,  and BOOM, it finally hit.  It hit with much force as in completely clogged sinuses, ears clogged, and no sense of taste or smell.  I finally went to the pharmacist (no not the doctor, no fever) and told him my symptoms and begged for mercy.  He suggested trying Sudafed and an antihistamine.  I had a really bad reaction to sudafed when I was a kid, but I was so miserable, I felt like it was worth the chance.  I am happy to say I feel way better after several days of meds and good sleep.  I am really glad i tried it, even if it makes me feel like I can smell colors and run down the road naked while simultaneously making me want to go to sleep.

I found this really good article on running with sick here.  It reiterated when to run and when not to.  Fortunate for me, most of my symptoms are "above the neck" and i am not running a fever.  I haven't really felt like running till last night honestly.  We had some bad weather come in this week, including high wind gust up to 40 mph, and then a brief cool down, and I just couldn't handle sudden winter and being sick.  I like to ease into winter slowly, and so far we have been, well until I was sick this week.
Anyway, yesterday was mid 60s and beautiful all day, and I just couldn't help but to try and run when I got home from work.  I had decided if at a mile I felt bad, I would just head back and be happy with 2.  As I headed out, I felt perfectly fine and hit my normal easy pace quite quickly.  About the time I was getting to the road I turn on and head out into the wild blue yonder, a car going verrrryyyyyy slow went by and really creeped me out.  They headed to the right, the way I was headed and it just un nerved me, so I headed left towards the very few houses that are on my running route. I also got my phone out just in case.  I should have just headed back to the house, but for some reason, the car turned around and came back towards me and then turned off.  I would like to think they were just lost.  So, stupid me just headed back on my normal path.  About that time, I got the worst cramp under my rib cage.  I have had those before and they are usually gas.  Before I left, I was starving so I thought to myself, it can't be gas, I haven't eaten.  I tried walking and running it out, and I couldn't seem to get it to let up.  I ended up calling my hubby to come and get me, because I was still more than a mile out from the house.  Unfortunately, he was at the grocery store, so by the time I walked/ran home, he was just at the house.    I ended up doing almost 3.4 miles of painfulness.  I don't think it was related to my cold but more maybe because i didn't eat before I headed out.  I am going to try and do another short run today and see how it goes before I attempt a long run tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

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