Monday, November 16, 2015

sickly part two

Whelp, I have a sinus infection.  Took the pharmacist's advice and got in with a dr today.  After going over my symptoms and finding fluid in my ears and some very sore sinus cavities, and declaring my lungs to be clear, the decision was made that it was an infection worthy of some antibiotics and some cough meds.  I also get a nifty steroid to inject up my nose.  I kindly said no thank you to anymore sudafed.  Last night i was up to 1 am, very anxious, not at all sleepy. I am a lover of sleep thank you, so please don't take it away from me!  I had decided, since the cough had gotten worse, to forgo my long run.  That was after much messaging back and forth to my running friends and coach.  Since my cough isn't productive, I felt like my lungs were okay, BUT until I had a professional opinion, I wanted to wait until I started running again.  I have a 10 miler coming up and I would like to think I will be in some sort of shape for that, even if I have 0 goals other than to finish with a smile on my face.

It was a busy weekend though minus the long run.   The weather, although windy, was gorgeous!  I got a short run in saturday with stella ella who has been going slowly insane.  Lots of frisbee has been played but running is what wears her down.  The hubby and I tackled lots of projects around the house, including leaf  jumping in raking.  Little red was actually helping at one time with his tiny rake that grammy got him.  The whole endeavor wore him out so much that he was asleep by 7 pm last night!
He also LOVES to vacuum up dog hair, so I let him.  Takes twice as long when he does it, but we make it a game and a chore I dread gets done.  Now if I can just figure out how to make laundry a game, I am set!
We also tackled a much needed to do project.  Little red got this train table last year from Santa.  We had left it downstairs, and over the course of the year, he lost interest in playing with it.  He still loves setting up tracks all over our bedroom, so we hypothesized that we could move it upstairs to his bedroom, thus making it new again.  We hoped  maybe he would start setting tracks up on it instead of all over our bedroom floor. So far so good!  He played with it quite a bit last night, and had fun enjoying his "new" room.
 AND, we moved his toy bin from our living room up to his room.  We are hoping if he plays in his room more that maybe he will also some day sleep there (YEAH right, who am I kidding:)
I am hoping these drugs kick in and i can feel like a human very soon.  The worst part about this has been the pressure in my sinuses.  It is so bad that I have had lots of pain in my teeth and jaw as well.  I am glad I took off work today to get looked at, and got to set  my fears aside that this was headed to my chest. I still plan on taking it super easy this week, and deciding about a long run closer till the weekend.  The weather is kind of crappy this week, high winds and lots of rain, so may be running on the dreadmill some.  

Have a great week!  Here are some pics that the Tails on the Trail people have posted on their website.  I LOVE free pics!

Getting ready to line up.  Yes i am overdressed, but forgot my short sleeved shirt.  I need dog paw compression socks!  Pro compression, make it happen!
Sled dog taking off.  The pics from all of the runners with dogs were pretty funny.  The dogs all took off like shots out of a cannon!
Getting our second place trophy and bandana.  Love the bandanas!

Cheesing for the photographer!

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