Sunday, May 1, 2016

Heartland Series Training Week 15

After a mini vacation, I was ready to get back to some normalcy.  Well, sometimes you dont' get what you want, you get what you need.

Monday: T ball and rest (also known as catch up on laundry, house work and grocery shop, so technically is it really rest?).  We had our first melt down on the field.  We got there right before the coaches started and he refused to take his glove onto the field.  No big deal, he could do what they were doing without a glove.  He was playing with the kids prior to start and everything was great.  I have no clue why the switch flipped, but after the first warm up lap around the field, he came running to me hysterically crying.  He wouldn't say exactly what had happened, but something had to have happened.  We elected to watch t-ball from the stands, versus participating, but we did not get a cheeseburger afterwards which is usually our reward for trying.  We have one more week of clinic, and then we will have a break from any organized practice for a little while.  While I am glad he has the opportunity to participate in these mini clinics, I think maturity wise he is just too young to really get any benefit out of them.  Oh well, they are cheap and fun when  he does participate, and we will try again next year when he is four.

Tuesday: Due to the threat of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms that actually caused me to get off work early and pick andrew up early, I had to hit the mill for a quick 4 miles.  Thank goodness Rock my run just added a prince mix or I would have lost my mind!  I just never can get into mill running.

Wednesday:  Planned strength, but my BRF called and needed to get 6 miles in, so off I went.  It was SUPER windy from the west and north, but the temp was good as was the conversation.  We were amazed at how flooded the newly planted fields were.  I have never seen flooding this bad in all of my years running this route.  The wind was blowing so hard that the little miniature lakes had waves.  Poor Stella wanted to get in so bad, but the waves scared her.  The flooding seemed to have torn up our rural road pretty bad.  You could see where the water had actually been over the top of the road.  The ditches over by the humane society were full to the top, and some of those ditches are deep!
Thursday:  Possible Pink eye AGAIN and strength: Had to take the day off because andrew woke up with a matted eye, that slowly turned red as the day went on.  I had work to do in the lab, so I had to go to work as soon as my hubby came home.  I will admit I had time to do a strength workout throughout the day, as we alternated watching tv and going outside on bike rides, but the desire just wasn't there.  I am not sure why.  The ONLY reason I am getting through my hilly halfs is the strength training I have put in but I can't make myself do it lately.  I need an intervention or running with the cows is going to kick my ass.  
Friday:  I didn't really have a distance planned, so when it rained pretty much all day, I settled on 5.  It was raining, but no thunder or lightening, so figured I could just run in the rain.  Was going to head out sans doggies, but Deuce begged to go so I leashed him up and off we went.  For whatever reason, the rain stopped while we ran and we got five in dry. I had planned on staying on the blacktop, but I just had to head out on higher ground and get out on the rural roads.  

Saturday:  Had planned a long run but hubby ended up having to work over time.  I don't mind overtime one bit, so moved my long run till Sunday.  Andrew and I slept in, went and got new library books and had some doughnuts.  Then I went to my car to back out and couldn't.  The gentleman in the very large dodge ram pick up had parked extremely close to me and i just couldn't see me being able to back out without hitting him.  Oh well, we live a few blocks away and probably should have walked over anyway.  Walked home and worked on our puzzle we got at the library and read books.  Went back and huge dodge truck guy had left, so we were able to get out. Got my bike off of the trainer when the hubby came home, and did almost 12 miles, and then got the whole family on their bikes and headed out for a nice long bike ride together.
Sunday:  10 miles on the books.  Just stella and I and the road.  It was the perfect day for a long run, cool, overcast, and light breeze from the east.  

Most of the gravel we run on is dry now thanks to the Kansas winds, but some are completely washed out.  We had to get creative today to get our 10 miles in and avoid this section which is impassable.  

Total miles for the week: 25 miles running

Someone asked me about my foot the other day and I thought I would update and say that the pain is more of a 1 to a 0.5.  I don't have any all day pain like I use to have, and rarely have pain during a run.  I am still rotating between my triumphs and my kinvaras, so my body is always having to guess, which I think is a good thing.  I am going to incorporate 1 day a week of speed work back in starting next week.  I am counting my 5 K as the speedwork.  I am so excited, Stella and I are doing a dog friendly 5 K that benefits the Lawrence shelter.  Maybe we will make the brochure for next year like we did for Tails on the Trail!!!!  This is our second year making the brochure.  Last year, we were inside, but this year we made the COVER!
Have a great weekend and week!

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