Sunday, May 15, 2016

Heartland Series Week 17, Week of Running with the Cows

Here we are, the final week of training for the Heartland Series. I honestly feel odd about this training cycle because there has been many months of just easy runs and no speed work.  While I am not a huge fan of speed work,  I am HUGE fan of PRs that come via speed work sessions.  I am kind of excited to get them back in my routine, even if they are way reduced till I get this foot thing figured out.  Coach and I haven't really discussed what the next few months are going to look like and honestly, I am getting pretty excited about a new training cycle and what it will bring.  Here is how the week went down, complete with my final half marathon of the Heartland Series.

The out take of the good selfie:)
Run Deuce Run!
Monday: Planned 5 miles with baby-D.  I will admit, that little 5 K I did beat me up.  I was super sore in several areas.  All i could think of was what in the heck?  It was a flat course, and I didn't push it as much as I could, and this is what I get?  Oh well, maybe the biking hurt, and didn't help, thanks to our hilly route we chose to bike on.  The wind was FIERCE from the south, which ended up being a good thing, because storms were building and the wind was pushing them North and away from our running route. I did see one lightning strike, but it seemed very far north.  I chose an east/west route to minimize running straight into that south wind.  Deuce and I enjoyed the cooling cross wind, and the crazy cloud scenery.
nothing like an extra 40  lbs while you are trying to do supermans
Tuesday: Strength.  I made it my goal to get back to strength no matter what, and I can say goal accomplished!!!!  My hubby had a meeting in topeka, so I had to get my kiddo busy enough that I could work out, and not have help.  Well, decided to clean some first and then work out, and I guess he got bored and had to help me.  Through much pleading and cajoling and "helping", I got through all three rounds of my exercises my coach sent me.  As always I felt so good getting it done, so why do I have so much trouble doing them????#noexcuses

Wednesday:  Planned 5 miles.  I woke up with my foot totally hating me.  I guess I STILL can't do anything that involves balancing on one leg.  In my exercises Tuesday,  I did three rounds of floating lunges, and three rounds of step downs, so one or both of those aggravated my foot.  I decided to be cautious and do a double dose of aleve and lots of ice.  Again, my foot does not bother me at all during my running, just when I am sitting around, so of course I ran.  5 miles done with Melly Mel.

Thursday: REST.  More icing and aleve and praying.  One more race body, one more race (Well that is a lie, one more race till I start training for the 50 K:)

Friday:  3 mile shake out run.  Took the day off since we were leaving for KC for packet pick up for Running with the Cows.  Did an easy 3 miles with these two goofballs.

Saturday:  Running with the Cows half 2016.

Sunday: REST.  Slightly sore, tired, and still super duper happy:)

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