Sunday, May 29, 2016

The In Between Week 2 or is this Week One of 50 K training?

I need some clarification, so I will get back to you.  I thought I would be starting in June with my training, but this may be week one.  Anywho, thanks to the temperature starting to creep up, morning runs may become the norm.  Someone remind my stomach to not be so hateful.  Not sure why it is fine on the weekends for long runs and races, but not during the week. especially when I eat the same food as my long run food the night before.  Oh well, glad my gypsy runner shorts have huge pockets for carrying lots of toilet paper.

Monday:  Planned 6 miles.  Well, I had hoped to get to bed early since little red passed out around 6 pm.  My body had other thoughts.  I finally got up out of bed and took a melatonin, which helped me to go to sleep.  I was lucky in that I didn't have to get up till 5 am versus 4 am, but that time is coming.   As I type this, I am on my second cup of coffee.   Don't get my wrong, I LOVE getting up and being productive while everyone else sleeps, I just hate feeling like crap the rest of the day because I am so sleepy.  In a perfect world, I would be in bed and asleep by 8:30 pm every night, but the reality is, I have a hubby and a 3 year old that both are night owls.

Just a footnote (see how punny I am), I did see a new Dr/Chiropractor about my foot.  I was concerned that it just wasn't getting 100% better with the recent flare ups in pain, even if the pain was low.  I had heard about this guy that is suppose to be a miracle worker,  Dr. Richard Foveaux at Jointfit in Manhattan.  My boss had actually used him when she tore her plantar fascia in a freak accident when we were hiking on the beach last year at our UGM.  She loved him and I was intrigued hearing about his methods.  I have written a separate post about my first visit with him so check out this post!

Tuesday:  Strength.  I was instructed to not do any plyometerics, which is what I have been following, and continue on with my normal plan of attack.  3 rounds of my exercises.  I am really liking this circuit that Coach Jenny put together.  Hollowman (60 seconds), reverse weighted lunges, push ups, lateral lunges, single leg bridges, and kettle bell swings.  Simple, effective and fun!

Wednesday:  Planned 5 miles.  I have convinced Melly Mel that mornings are where it is at.  As long as she is done and home around 6 am, she is a go, so we headed out for 5 wet miles.  The thunder storms luckily had passed through, but it was still 95% humidity.  We felt like we were drinking the air and poor stella fluffed out like a stuffed animal.  Hello humidity, I did NOT miss you at all.
Thursday:  Ah, rest day.  Except we had quite the excitement. I work in a town about 15 miles away from where I live.  It takes about 20-25 minutes to commute every day, and is a pretty simple commute on a nice four lane highway.  Well, around 2 pm I start seeing people in my home town posting on FB that sirens were going off.   Then I start seeing reports of multiple tornadoes hitting my little town where my dogs and kiddo were.   Let's just say I was freaking out not being there.  My hubby had headed home from work as soon as he heard Wamego was being hit.  We luckily had no damage and the kiddos were very safe in their safe room at school.  My nerves were pretty shot though.  The tornado went a few blocks west of us, and only did damage to trees and cars.  The videos and pictures make me realize how truly lucky our town was.  Thank you GOD for taking care of my babies, both two legged and four legged.

Friday:  Planned 5 miles.  I hate you stomach.  That is all.  Other than that, flooded roads were the name of the game.  We were on pavement and got spooked by not only 1, but 2 black and white kitties, so headed to the gravel.  Pretty much every route I use is flooded at some spot.  May have to rethink long run route tomorrow.

I also had day 2 of needling hell. I know I am bitching about it, but everyone says it really, really, really works, so I am trying to suck it up and go with it.  I made Melly-Mel go with me, and I am SO glad I did because he did not one but three needles.  HOLY HELL that hurt SO bad, but apparently he found the right trigger point with one of them as my foot started twitching like crazy.  The electricity really hurt this time too.  I also had ultrasound therapy, and he added some exercises to my regime to try and work on my biomechanics.  He does want me to try a new shoe, but our local running store didn't have the women's version.  He is concerned about my mid-foot striking and this would help with this issue since it is a stability shoe, but stability in the front not in the normal spot.  I am willing to go down this rabbit hole with him, because I truly feel like he is invested in helping me run pain free and preventing me from having future issues.  Plus, bonus, he is covered by my insurance so after today, all visits are only 15 dollars for my copay YIPEEE!
Saturday:  Planned 8 miles.  Woke up to rain.  Honestly, I just didn't want to run in the rain for 8 miles on wet, squishy, muddy roads, nor did I want to run on the pavement and battle skunks.  I went back to bed. Bad me.  As the day went on, I just couldn't get over how beautiful it was, and how perfect it was for running.  I finally decided I couldn't stand it anymore and headed out for a quick 8.  It was in the 80s, but a nice cool wind was blowing, and I had brought my Nuun to keep Stella and I hydrated.

Sunday:   Planned Strength.  We decided to head to our little zoo and have fun while it was still relatively cool out before getting the day started.  I am not looking forward to the summer heat as it got pretty hot towards the end of our visit.  We spent the rest of day grocery shopping, playing legos and hunting snakes in the yard.  We seem to have a snake boom this year and we have already re located 3.  Luckily they are just garter snakes but they are pretty big and can get kind of irritable and go after you.  I was pretty worn out from the day so did my physical therapy that my new dr prescribed and took the rest of the day easy.

24 miles total for the week.

It was a great week even though the heat and humidity was a little crazy already.  Am looking forward to the first official week (I think) of 50K training!!!!!

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