Monday, May 23, 2016

The in between: Week One

Ah, here we are at the in between.  I am not technically starting my 50 K training till June and I still have two more PRs I would like to tackle, but these next couple of weeks are going to be about taking it easy.  Recovery is so important, and while I didn't do the hard work outs I normally do in a training cycle the last few months, I still have a bunch of miles on this body.  I have been mulling over what my fall will look like and at this point, here is my plan:

July 31st Hell Creek on Heels 25K
August 6th Brew to Shoe 10K
September 18th Konquer the Konza
Oct 2nd Hell Creek on Heels 50K
Oct 8th Trails for Tails 5 K
Nov 5th Tails on the Trail 5K
December Alternative Chili run 10 miler

I will not be racing all of these for sure, but would LOVE a PR in my 10K and Konquer the Konza.   The others are for finishing with a smile on my face, knowing I have accomplished them.  The July 31st 25K is simply to acquaint myself with the trail that will be similar to the one the 50K is run on.  If I don't like it, I won't enter that particular 50K, but will find another one to enter.  I am trying very carefully to match the 50K I do, with the training conditions I can find this spring/summer and highly technical is not feasible.
Monday: 5 miles planned.  Came home to pouring rain and MUD.  Decided to go anyway.  Got 2 miles out and decided to turn around.  The driving rain and wind was a little much.  Got 4 done overall and one very muddy happy dog.
Tuesday: Strength.  DONE.  Learned two new moves tonight, the kettle bell swing and the hollow man.  I will be sore tomorrow and the next day fo sho.  

Wednesday: 5 miles planned.  SUPER sore from my strength work out.  I assume it was the kettle bell swings.  Melly Mel came over to watch little red, since hubby had yet another union meeting to attend.  Actually got to see the sun set which was lovely.  

Thursday:  REST DAY.
Okay seriously, this is the WORST chaffing I have EVER had.  I have had to put bandages on it just to keep me from sticking to me.  I have spent the greater part of the week holding my arm out, so I can't stick.  I still haven't figured out what the heck did this.  The weather was not hot or humid and I was not sweaty at all.  Go figure.  

Friday:  5 miles planned.  Took Deuce for kind of a hot and humid run to see how he would do.  Well, he seems to really have come around with his wimpiness about the heat/humidity.  Granted it was only in the high 70s but still, he use to wilt like a flower on these runs.  I am itching to get him out on even longer runs soon!

K-S-U WILDCATS!  Willie really is the BEST mascot ever with kiddos

Bill Snyder Family stadium. Finish line.  Saw the STATE record for the half fall at 1 hour 4 minutes!!!
Saturday:  Booth for the Bill Snyder Half and 5K.  I found out that Doug, the RD for the Wicked Half and Full, needed someone to man the booth at this race.  Even though hubby had a class that day, I decided to volunteer and take my not so morning person kiddo to the race at 6:30 am to sit in a booth all day.  Luckily, there were bouncy houses, but kind of far enough from the booth that Andrew wouldn't go do them alone (even though I could see him clearly from my booth).  

Oh well, we made a fort under the table with some dog crate pads and blankets, and he pretty much stayed there the entire time watching netflix on my phone.  We took two short bounce house breaks when foot traffic was slow.  He really shocked me in how good he was.  We were there from 6:30 am-10:30 am, and he was perfect.  Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket?  
Sunday:  Let me preface Sunday with the fact that Melly-Mel's bachelorette party was saturday night.   I didn't go wild and crazy, but I did have a few more than I normally would, and also partook in a shot.  When I woke up from sleeping in (huge thanks to my wonderful hubby for being a DD and letting me sleep it off), I threw around ideas like a 6 miler or strength training, but those just didn't happen.  We worked in the back yard all day long and just enjoyed the weather.  I felt guilty for about 4 seconds and then thought, why?  Training doesn't officially start till June, and this was technically a recovery week anyway., so not going to beat myself up about the lack of a long run. 

Total Miles for the Week: 14

Pretty excited about next monday.  Seeing a new doctor to try and see if we can diagnose my foot issue and help me rectify what is wrong.  May just get the same answer I have been getting, no clue, but willing to plunk down the co pay and try and figure it out.  He is a legend around here when it comes to athletes and foot problems, so I am so hoping he can help me.  To me this is just at this point a little nagging thing, but I want it gone before I train for a 50 K if at all possible.  I would love to get back to my speed work sessions.  

Have a great week!

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