Sunday, December 18, 2016

Are we still in the in between? Week 7?

I think I may be officially training again, need to clarify LOL!  There is some confusion, since I am still trying to figure out exactly what my goal is for spring 2017.  I have my spring races set, just need to make up my mind about what the heck I am doing with each of those races.  I have some warm up races and some possible goal races in mind, if I can figure out what the heck my goals are.  I would love to have a speedier marathon time, but I also would like to finish my next ultra stronger.

Monday:  Rest day and wrestling.

Tuesday:  6 miles planned.  Woke up to feels like 4 with a 12 mph wind.  Was kind of excited, since i felt like I had a good combo of clothing for this kind of weather.  Melly wasn't feeling well, so she opted out and I set out alone with Deuce.  Since my phone is a wimp and likes to die in this weather, I had gone ahead and put my Christmas music on.  Had in the back of my mind the dog that supposedly was attacking other dogs/animals out on my route.  I was hoping it had been found and captured.  Pretty sure I jumped at every sound I heard that was pretty much the crazy wind, until I got to one of the few houses on my route.  I am pretty sure it was a dog about the size of a lab that jumped out behind us.  Best I can tell, it was bedded down in the tall weeds around their mailbox.  It looked black, but hard to tell in the dark with just my head lamp.  Deuce headed out after it, as it was making screaming noises, but I called him off and he came back like a good boy.  If I was jumpy before that,  I was SUPER jumpy after that event.  I did contact the humane society that is located out there post my run, and I did look on all of the wamego pages to see if anyone had reported a loose dog, but saw no posts.  I also called the wamego PD, who referred me to the Pott County Sheriff's office who contacted animal control. I sure hope they found the poor dog!

Wednesday:  Does grocery shopping with a 4 year old count as cross training?  No?  Dang it!

Thursday:  Planned 5 miles.  Was really excited to maybe see the tail end of the geminid's meteor shower.  Nope.  Woke up to clouds.  It actually wasn't too cold this morning, no wind and feels like 24.  Didn't see any signs of the dog, so hoping it got caught or reunited with it's owners.

Friday:  I took the day off to take stella to KSU vet med and to do a thousand things on my list. Working out was one of those things. I purposely did not take a shower in the morning to force myself to not have any excuses not to work out.  Was raining and icy, so no bike ride outside.  As you probably guessed, no work out.  I ended up going to bed super early and getting 12 hours of sleep!  YIKES!

Saturday: 4-5 miles planned.  Supposedly sunday would be the colder, but dryer of the two days, so moved my long run to sunday.  Got up to snow and ice so made the right decision.

This was my view.  Chose to go 4 miles and had to play mind games with changing the speed just to get those 4.  Praying that I don't have to do 11 or 12 on there tomorrow!

I was replying to Melly on FB to take my mind off of the pain of the mill, and i accidentally hit the FB call button.  We ended up talking for the next two miles.  I think tomorrow if we both have to hit the dreadmill that we will have to do this.  She doesn't have an Iphone, so this would work!  All things aside, as much as I bitch about running on the mill, I am glad I have one, and that I don't have to go to a gym on these bad days.

Sunday:  11-12 miles planned.  We got a few inches of snow on top of ice, plus negative wind chills.  I decided to wait till 2 pm to run, when it was suppose to be the warmest temperature of the day.  I was hoping that there would be enough snow that my yak trax would make it easier to run.  I love running on snow, but I do NOT like running on ice.  I really couldn't tell via FB how the roads were at all, because most people were staying in and running on the mills.  Cold does not bother me, but ice does.  I went back and forth all day on what to do.  I really didn't think mentally I could do 11 or 12 miles on the mill, yet I didn't want to potentially break a bone, since I am officially entered and paid up for my full and my ultra.  

In the end, I decided to suit up and head out.  My hubby even gave me an early Christmas present before I left, new Mizuno breath thermo gloves and a new winter hat from saucony with a pony trail hole!  I ended up wearing a full face/head buff, a buff for my neck, my mizuno breath thermo base layer, some fleece lined running pants from road runner sports, compression socks, a running skirt, my brooks jacket, my new mizuno breath thermo gloves, new saucony hat and my UD pack.  My phone, although buried under several layers died at mile 2.5.  My honey stinger waffles also froze again, and were super hard to eat.  The nipple of the one bottle I had in my pack froze solid, so I couldn't take in any more liquids past about mile 5.   I only made it 10.23 miles, as I was kind of worried about the fact that ice on the gravel was super slick, and that there were many spots where the snow had been plowed and or drifted, which made my yak traxs useless and kind of painful to wear.  My fear was that I would slip and fall and hurt myself, and not have a way to call tony.  I knew I could finish up on the mill.  I was nice and warm, not sweating, just a nice level of warm, even though I had frozen eye lashes.  I made it back, changed quickly, and hit the mill to finish out a little over 11 miles.  Let's just say this winter is going to be very, very interesting.  How do all of y'all train for Boston in this mess?

26 total miles.  Hello winter.  It's going to be long and interesting.  

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