Sunday, December 4, 2016

The In Between week 5

 Five weeks already?  How does this happen?  I would say this is the first week I feel kind of okay.  Just kind of though.  We truly are having some cold mornings which i LOVE!  My body likes running in cold, like really cold.  Windchills in the 20s?  BRING IT!

Monday:  Rest day.  Haircut day for little red.  I always hate cutting his beautiful curls, but seriously, they had gotten out of control big time.

He wanted a mo curl (i think he meant mohawk).  The wonderful hair dresser (is this what you call these magic makers now?) told him it was too cold for a mohawk, so how about just a shorter cut.  He had to have it below a certain length for wrestling, and she knew what that was, and it looks amazing!  The curls are already coming back, but it is so nice and short right now, and not so much of a fro when we brush it.

Tuesday:  5-6 miles planned.  The run was good, nothing exciting, just lots of talking and snot.  Snot is the theme of the season right now.

We had our first official practice.  My little baby likes wrestling, go figure.  As to quote coach Pat's FB post on the picture below "We will change him from an adorable little red head to a beast on the mat. He will feast on the tears of the defeated and lay waste to the competition. But we will start with learning the double leg takedown." 


Coach Pat cracks me up.  I am so blessed to be a part of the Wamego Wrestling family.  I hope we have a great journey together, and that Andrew truly finds a sport or activity that he loves.  Basketball and softball were that for me, and I would still play if I could.  

Just in case you can't pick me out, I am #30.  Don't you love my jams?

Wednesday:  Cross training.  I had pumped myself up for working out, and then I ended up working late, and then taking andrew to practice, and then eating dinner, and insert excuse after excuse after excuse.

Thursday:  Planned 5-6 miles.  Again it was super cold and I LOVED it!  I have awesome winter weather gear that keeps me toasty warm.  I have been enjoying everyone's reviews on Mizuno's Breath Thermo gear, because that is my jam and has been for years.  From their tights to their base layer shirts, they are hands down worth every penny :) . I am putting their gloves on my santa's list.   Stella was actually at the door this morning wanting to run....on three legs.  Silly girl! Her brother is subbing in and doing a great job taking care of Melly and I.

Friday: Cross training.  Does working late and then doing house work count? No?

Saturday:  Had to switch my long run and recovery run days up AGAIN, which kind of makes it not a recovery run, but oh well.  I had to work Saturday morning with sampling at 9 am, and Tony had to work as well, so little man came with me to the lab.

these are glasses for looking into the chambers when the bright lights are on, not the craziest sunglasses you have ever seen
He brought his back pack filled with crayons and coloring books

While I had hoped that he would stay busy coloring and watching videos, he was not in the mood to sit, and this lab I am working in now is not the best place for a kiddo to play.  I got the bare minimum done that I HAD to do, and we headed out.  He did color a page for each grad student, which I am sure they will treasure forever LOL!!!!

If you are on FB, then you already saw this story.  We went to target post lab work, as many of the big things I needed (think Tide pods and toilet paper) were on sale, thanks to my cartwheel app.  Andrew was surprisingly very well behaved.  For his good behavior, he got a Thomas train.  As we were heading out, we tried to find some Christmas pjs and also some new gloves.  The gloves he had been wanting (and I was secretly going to buy to put in his stocking from Santa) were no longer there.  He did however find some angry bird's gloves.  Fearing that they wouldn't be there when I had a chance to come back sans child, I went ahead and put them in the buggy.  Little man convinced me that he didn't have a hat for this year (he really didn't), so I got him the matching hat.  Fast forward to checking out, we had everything scanned and were heading out, when I noticed the gloves were behind him in the buggy.  I was pretty sure they had not been scanned, so i rushed back to the check out I was in to let her know.  She took them and told me she would scan them after the guy she was checking out presently.  Well, that guy took them and put them in his pile of stuff to be scanned.  I tried to argue with him that he didn't need to do that, but he wouldn't let me take them back and instead paid for them and handed them to me with a big smile and a Merry Christmas!  I was so blown away that I almost started crying!  That was so sweet and so unexpected!  We are going to pay it forward the next chance we get!

After Target we had a sandwich at which which.  The only reason I put this in my blog is look at how cute their kid's meal is! The put it in a little plastic container with a lid so you can carry it home easily, plus they give you stickers!  At the end of the meal (or the beginning as you can see with little red), they give you a token to get m&ms out of a special vending machine as the "treat".  I just thought it was too cute not to pass along.  

Post work and lunch, Deuce and I headed out for an easy four.  It was raining but very gentle.  Deuce handled it like an old pro!  He can be a prima donna sometimes, but he took it in stride!  I had him wear stella's sexy safety vest, since we have been hearing gun noises lately.  Haven't seen any dove hunters out in the fields, so they must be hunting geese right now (i guess?).  

Sunday:  10 miles.  It rained pretty much all night so we were prepared for a mudfest.  It was wet, kind of chilly with the west wind kicking up, and deuce is now a mud ball, but it is done.  Funny how your perception changes.  10 miles use to be nothing to me when I was training for my 50K.  Now 10 miles is epic.  

24 miles and another in between week.  Enjoying these easy runs and letting my body rest and recover.  I need to get back to strength training so if you have any good advice, let me know!

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