Saturday, December 24, 2016

The in Between: Week 8

Hello Winter.  Nice of you to dump some nasty stuff on us.  Hoping this week thaws out our running routes.  Me and the Mill have a hate: hate relationship.

Monday:  Rest day.  Wrestling and grocery shopping.  PJ day at school.  Wishing we had PJ day at work.

Tuesday:  Planned 6 miles.  Ended up hitting the mill around 5:20ish.  Need to get up earlier I guess.  That was painful.  Had to get off twice to hit the restroom.  Pulled the damn key out three times, so each time the time and distance restarted itself.  Pretty sure I went more than 6.  Took a walk break every mile for a tenth, so I wouldn't loose my mind.  Watched a documentary on Neflix called Finding Traction about Nikki Kimball running the Long Trail in Vermont, and her attempt to break the men's record.  I wish it had been longer, because I finished it before my run was done, and it did help me stay distracted.  I will admit, when she was bawling during one of the hard times, I was crying right along with her.  That hit me right in all the feels.

Today was dress like your favorite Christmas character at school.  Andrew went as Rudolph and this decision was made at 7:42 am.  Let's just say some scrambling happened, but I made it work.

2T pants out of the too small drawer, a brown t shirt turned inside out, a long sleeved shirt that had black sleeves, some of my black dress socks for hooves, black socks of his he never wears for foot hooves, and some antlers I had just purchased at the dollar store.  Whew.  Plus my undergrad that works for me had theater make up for the red nose, since I don't have make up, well correction I have make up, just not bright red lipstick for a red nose.  

Wednesday:  Cross training.  Just listened to a podcast about strength training and how it increases your running efficiency.  Was pumped up to go home and work out.  Change of plans.  Sing, the animated movie about the koala bear who runs a theater and has a singing contest, came out and I had to go see it myself take andrew to see it.  We just had a brand new IMAX theater open up close to our house (well 2 miles closer than the old theater), so we took andrew as a surprise and had fun.  Someday I will start working out again!

Today was dress up nice day.  Should have ironed his shirt but oh well.

Thursday:  5 mile run planned.  Up bright and early and hoping for no ice.  I had driven our route on the way to the movies the night before, and it seemed okay as long as we went a different way into the gravel.  What I didn't account for was the fact that we had to do sidewalks in downtown, and there was still ice in places.  We took it slow and enjoyed the Christmas lights on our way out and back.  Funny how feels like 22 felt like summer after the previous few runs.

Friday:  Was suppose to be cross training and or strength.  I decided to switch things up since Christmas is on Sunday.  Did what work I had to do in the lab, and headed home for a quick run.  I actually ran in shorts and a long sleeved t and sweated!  I think we can say global warming is the real deal!  5 miles done.

Saturday:  12 miles planned.  I know it is hard to describe to others how a run is magical but this one truly was.  There was a fog that had freezing drizzle/air in it and it coated everything to make everything white.  I felt like I was running in a winter wonderland!

The funny thing was, it really was not that cold.  I was quite comfortable due to NO wind.  

We did catch sight of that loose dog again.  The dog ran away from us both times we saw it, and while scared, appeared to be unhurt.  My heart hurts for it though, because it is a short haired dog.  I couldn't call the sheriff's office, as my phone was dead, but at least he has somewhere he is bedding down and staying alive.  

My long run today just felt effortless.  Glad to see that life has returned to my legs once again.  When I got home, my mother in law made me scrambled eggs, biscuits, bacon, and for dessert chocolate gravy and a biscuit.  I so do love having family at home for the holidays!

Sunday:  Day off!  Christmas Day!!!!!!

27 miles.  Onward and upward!  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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