Sunday, March 19, 2017

A long run story: 16 miles

Okay this isn't my longest long run this training cycle, but if you read my weekly recap, I was NOT feeling this run at the beginning.  I honestly felt like I had been out the night before drinking and I had not.  In fact, I was in bed early, had my normal long run dinner, and had hydrated like crazy knowing the temps were going to be high.  I decided to take a pic every mile to distract myself.  Here is the series of pics I took, plus some out takes:)

 Seriously Deuce?  You couldn't wait? 0.5 miles in.

1 mile in.  Warning people i am going to post lots of pics to stay distracted.

2 miles in.  Deuce says in his best Dory voice, "Just keep running, just keep running.".   

3 miles in.  Deuce says in his best 13 year old voice, "Seriously mom, are you going to do this the whole run?".

4 miles in.  Deuce says, "We might be giants!".

5 miles in and time for fuel.   Deuce says, "I get some plez?".

6 miles in.  Deuce says, " You so cray, cray".  

Mile 7.  Morning moo moos!

Mile 8.  Deuce says, "Water break".

Mile 9.  Deuce says in his best Nelly voice, "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes fur.".  

Mile 10.  Deuce says, "Give me what you got for a pork chop".  Rap reference from the 90s deuce, nice.  

Mile 11. Deuce says in his best TS voice, "shake it off, shake it off".

Mile 12.  Deuce says in his best Mickey Mouse voice, "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog".  

Mile 13.  Deuce says in his best Rob Thomas voice, " Well it's a hot one.  Like  7 inches from the midday sun".  

Mile 14.  Deuce says in his best JT voice, "Baby bye, bye, bye".

Mile 15.  Deuce says, "See ya.  Take it to the house". 

Mile 16.  Deuce says, "DONE".

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