Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 12. Heartland 50 training. Taper, I think I love you!

I so love a nice long taper.  Remind me of that when I loose my mind next week.  No really.  I think . I have been doing this long enough that I appreciate and want the taper.  I know what my legs can do when they are rested, and I know I can do the distance so it doesn't worry me to taper back.

Monday:  Rest day.  Grocery shopping and Chinese.  Unfortunately andrew was up at 3:30 am with tummy issues, or well he says his tummy was hurting, but nothing every happened.  We laid on the couch from 4 am till around 7 am.

Good thing he is cute.  mommy likes her sleep!

Tuesday:  speed work.  See above as to why I slept in.  By the time I got off work, we had 21 mph SUSTAINED wind.  Mel and I just wanted to battle through and get it done.  No speed work, just 5 miles of resistance training.

Wednesday:  speed work take 2.  Okay, so my schedule is off this week due to helping with Wicked this coming weekend and then driving to TN after and sunday.  I decided to get off work, battle the wind, and get my speed work knocked out for the week.  One word.  AMAZING.  I have been throwing around the idea of trying to maintain a 10:30 pace again, like at chicago.  I was unable to maintain during the race itself, but I did have two pit stops and it was HOT.  It still could be hot for my upcoming marathon, but I am hoping I won't have over 5 minute pit stops x 2.  My plan at this point, since it is a 2 loop marathon, is to hang around an 11 minute pace for the first loop and then ramp it up to the 10:30 range for the second loop if I feel good.

Thursday:  Well.  wanted to get either my long run in or my 3 miler.  Neither happened.  Some beer and patio time happened, as Andrew was up the previous night till 1 am not sleeping, which meant I was up not sleeping.  Early bed times happened for all and maybe even some melatonin for me:)

Friday:  3 miles.  Got my three miler done on the mill.  Hubby had to be at work super early so only option.  Started watching some show on HBO which kept my attention.

Saturday:  Volunteered at the Wicked Full/Half/5K.  Again this year we had rain.  I had toyed with the idea of running pre race and then the helping with the race, but the fact that I needed to be at packet pick up at 6 am made that not happen.  Let me just say a quick thing here about runners.  99.9% of all runners are awesome to volunteers.  Very appreciative, very vocal about thanks, very complimentary.  I only had one runner bad mouth me as I was standing in the rain for hours and it was about the porta potties, which me the volunteer on the course in the driving rain has nothing to do with.  I digress though.  I had such an amazing time cheering on runners, especially the marathoners who passed by me three times.  I moved over to a turn at the end and got to cheer them all on again and I just loved it.  Even if I was freezing and soggy wet to the bone.  My hubby came and brought me dry coat, gloves, hot hands, and coffee.  It kept me going as I volunteered in the rain for 8 hours.  I did have my bike again, so I was able to ride the course to check on runners and chat if they wanted to. I got to ride the last three marathoners in to the finish line, which was the best feeling ever.  I am now seriously fired up to run my marathon and thank each and every volunteer for everything they do!

Andrew and I headed to TN shortly after I warmed up and showered.  I wanted to break the trip into two parts since I would be driving solo with a 4 almost 5 year old.  We made it Columbia MO and decided to stop and get a hotel and some chick fil a and check out a toys r us that was quickly closing.

Sunday:  Driving Driving Driving.  So much for a long run.  We finally drug into town around 3:30 and running was not on my mind at all.  I figured missing one long run wouldn't hurt me at this point. 

So glad to be home and so glad to run this town!  Looks like there may be some dreadmill running as there are storms predicted this week but the mileage is super low as we head into marathon week!  I am so excited to be running marathon number 2 (well three if you count the ultra).  Have a great week!!!!

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