Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 9 Heartland 50 training

Still flu free (knock on wood),  but still taking tamiflu just in case.  YUCK.  I swear I am so ready to be done with this drug.  It makes me feel super bad!

Monday:  Rest day.  Grocery shopping, Chinese, and some Fro-yo.

Tuesday:  800 meter repeats x 6.  Sucked.  90% humidity.  While I enjoyed running in shorts in February, I could do without the high humidity already.  Deuce was a fluff ball by the time we were done and I was soaked.  Glad I brought water with me.  Bleh.  Coach gave me a wide range to hit for the repeats, between 9 and 9:30, and I swear it was all I could do to stay below 9:30. My watch was screaming at me the entire time to speed up.  9:30, 9:28. 9:30, 9:28, 9:30 and 9:30.  Consistency was where it was at and going any faster was impossible.  Add into that my tummy saying I hate you about half way through and there you go.  It's done and I am not going to dwell.  Got a nice 30 minute walk in with miss Stella.  While she feels much better, she is still having most all of the symptoms of allergies.  Not good.  Still waiting on KSU to hear back if I can try this new immunotherapy with her for allergies.

Wednesday:  Cross train or Strength.  I did two rounds of my strength and called it good.  I maybe could have gotten a third round in, but I decided to err on the side of caution.

Thursday:  6 easy miles.  Not going to lie, my tummy was NOT happy in the entire run, and I had to stop a few times.  I also had to shower and get to work early to do some sampling, so no walk with miss stella ella.

Friday:  Strength or cross training.  I decided since I unexpectedly got to come home early from work that I would get a nice long walk in with stella as soon as hubby got home to watch the kiddo.  Yep, he threw up at school and had some diarrhea.  Of course he is entered in his last tournament this weekend. I am beginning to see a pattern. Enter kid, kid gets sick.  It's a miracle we got to do the home tournament!!!!  We did lots of pokemon hunting and miss stella ella was all smiles!

Saturday:  long run or 6 miles recovery run.  Let me back up to about 11:25 pm friday night.  Andrew had been fine all day post getting to come home early from school.  He had a rather big dinner (he is addicted to subway 6 inch ham and cheese sandwhiches right now) and then went and sat with us as we ate our dinner.  I had decided I wasn't going to say yes or no to the tournament till Saturday morning.  Well....about 11:25 andrew woke up saying he needed to puke.  We sat in the bathroom and waited and waited and waited.  Finally, I told him that sometimes when I was sick, it helped me to watch some tv so we headed downstairs with our garbage can in tow and watched some cartoons.  My hubby was up working so I headed back to bed after an hour of andrew watching and commenting on every thing in said cartoon.  When 6 am rolled around, we were all very tired but all tummies were happy, so we proceeded to the tournament.  

There was lots of coloring, reading, and screen time with friends.  I truly had a great season getting to know some new parents in Wamego and I truly hope andrew wants to come back next year and wrestle again.  I feel like we are part of a family and I really, really enjoy it.  

Andrew had four matches, one more than the last tournament.  Sadly he was pinned in three and lost via points in another, BUT, he got his first points and went three rounds!  Progress!

While it kind of looked like two drunks at last call night fighting, and there was more running than wrestling, I am so proud that he actually got the point of the escape!  We will work on take downs in the off season ;)

The run itself was a struggle and I just have gotten to the point where if I don't get my run in first thing in the morning, I am just not going to have a good time.  Horrible wind gusts from the south made me plan an east/west run, which is doable for 6 miles, not sure how doable it will be for 18.  

Note the windsock is straight out.  South winds gusting up to 30 mph!

Sunday:  18 miles.  What can I say.  30 mile an hour wind gusts from the south again.  I totally forgot I was out of fuel so had to improvise.

Ran to the grocery store and grabbed gummy worms and fig newton bars.  The fig newton bars were about 200 calories per pack.  I liked using the gummy worms, but they took forever to chew and get 4 down.

The wind was absolutely awful.  When I started it was a south wind at 15 mph and as I progressed, it got up to 19 mph with 30 mph gusts.  It was a killer of motivation.  I tried getting as much miles as I could out on a hilly gravel route that I usually don't do and then finish on my usual route.  I took water for both deuce and I and I still sweated horribly salty.  My hair drove me nuts too.  Headbands wouldn't stay on and neither would hats with the wind.  Got it done with some walking, some self talk, and some pokemon hunting.  My watch decided to try and die at 15 miles so I switched over to my map my run to finish the final 3.  Then my phone died.   Oh well, it's recorded here, it did happen in it's entirety.  

36.4 total miles.  Getting to that point in training where I am ready to be done:) . Two more possibly 20 milers and then taper and marathon time!!!! I have no clue what time I will be finishing and I just don't care.  5 hours, 6 hours, who cares.  If my body wants to slow down, then fine, slow down.  I am going to have a good time, no matter what and get the same medal as everyone else!  I enjoy getting the distance even if it means walking some or walking a lot.  Who knows how the weather is going to be in TN in april anyway.  It may be super hot and humid or it may be perfect.  Anyway, I am prepared for whatever may come at whatever pace may come!

Have a great weekend and week!!!!


  1. I love using candy as fuel when I run! My favorites are Swedish Fish because they seem to be a little easier and quicker to chew!

    Way to keep on track this week even with the flu terrorizing your home! Hope it passes quickly!

    1. Good idea about the swedish fish! I will try that next time I need fuel. Those gummy worms took FOR EVER to chew