Sunday, September 17, 2017

Week 15 of Chicago marathon Training

I kind of knew it in my gut that I wouldn't just be running one 20 miler this go around.  My coach loads my running sessions in one week at a time, per my request, and BAM, here you go, another 20 miler and another big week.  I can do this right?  Here are also some random pictures of my life to break up the words, since we run in the dark most days and daylight is getting later and later.

Lego train we got at Legoland.  Over 200 pieces and it took him maybe 30 minutes!
Monday:  Rest day.  My first day of coaching Girls on the Run.  We have 6 girls, and after the first lesson, I am already super excited for this season.  While the first session was a little rough due to it being my very first time with the girls (and having to do stuff alone because our head coach had to leave), we made it through and I already have some new buddies that I can't wait to see on Thursday. My plan was to just coach on Mondays, but I can't not help twice a week!!!  Guess Monday and Thursdays might have to be my Coleman Electric days, and I will have to do work once I get home.

Three cheeseburgers later and he can barely keep his eyes open

Tuesday:  Speed work.  Did my marathon pace speed work session today, instead of my big speed work session of 3 mile repeats.  Felt great even despite waking up to almost 100 percent humidity. Stupid Kansas and it's beautiful low morning temps and 100 % humidity complete with humidity fog. I am so done with humidity.  Actually was cold during my run, but my arm sleeves were being held captive in the guest bedroom.  My hubby has a chest cold the man flu, and has been sleeping down stairs as to not keep andrew and I up, which means if I don't get all of my gear out before morning, I risk waking him up getting it out. I want him to get over this cold near death flu but only if you are a man that we are all passing around, so trying to let him sleep as much as possible.

Not feeling great, but got his homework done anyway
Wednesday:  another rest day.  I had one sick little boy post school to take care of.  High fever was the main symptom, but he has been battling a little head cold and a tummy issues previously.  He had been building more lego creations but complaining of pain in his neck, which I totally thought was maybe growing pains.  Felt of him while rubbing his neck and boom, 101.5 degree fever.  When he is sick, he wants to be held, so there was lots of holding and loving and i don't regret one minute (although I miss my bike and am not looking forward to riding only on the weekend for daylight).

Some days at the end of the day, you just need a beer.  Abita Purple Haze

Thursday:  Speed work.  After a long night of andrew waking up and crying most likely due to pain from fever, I called off our morning run.  I had some hopes that he would be okay to go to school in the morning, but when we got up, he still had a very low grade fever and technically had not been 24 hours post the original fever.  I had planned on taking the day off due to him having an afternoon dental appointment anyway, but wanted to get some stuff done for Coleman Electric at the house and check out the co working space. Post taking care of andrew all day and then coaching for Girls on the Run, I was toast for the night.  I think I should get to count the walking/running/skipping/strength training we do for GOTR as cross training!

Tony, Andrew, and I looking at the stars
Friday:  2nd attempt at Speed work.  Something about seeing  2 mile repeats on my schedule just scares the hell out of me.  Give me 400s or 800s and I got this.  1 mile repeats and 2 mile repeats equals YIKES!  I almost went back to sleep and said forget about it, but with my marathon schedule post work friday, I knew if I didn't get up to do this work out that it wouldn't get done period.  Stella and I headed out to do 9 miles of 2 mile repeats, with warm up and and cool down.  Thanks to the humidity being super low, I was able to master these repeats easily and stay within the pace prescribed by coach.  I really wish the humidity didn't zap me so, because nailing this work out gave me so much confidence!

Post work and seeing one of my bosses do his tenure talk, I headed over to talk to the local Girl Scout Troop.  They are trying to design and implement a dog park in Wamego, and I am eager to help them see their dream come true.  They had great ideas, had done their homework on other dog parks nearby, and had some GREAT ideas on things to make and sell dog themed items to raise money.  I also encouraged them to get donations from local businesses (they have a grant as well) and give those businesses due credit on benches or on signs in or around the dog park.  The city seems really behind this idea, so I think in the near future, this idea will be a reality.

Goober fish
Saturday:  Easy 4 and soccer.  My goal was to go to bed early and sleep in and then go out for a run.  Of course Andrew was wide awake at 7 am ready to go, so up we went.  I finally made it out of the door to run around 9 am, which is super late for me.  It was hot, but the humidity was manageable.  Soccer was eh.  Andrew sort of tried, didn't cry, but did leave the field for an unscheduled water break which got us in trouble.  My whole team was kind of on the edge of not bad but not great.  The other team was actually playing positions, having two forwards and one defender who was parking him or herself in front of our goal.  While technically it wasn't playing goalie, my kids had never had someone just camp out near the goal so all attempts at getting a goal were met with great resistance by a player who had basically had been standing in one spot resting.  While I commend the coaches on having a strategy and wished i would have thought of it myself, I am pretty sure the kiddos playing "defender" were in the goal box which technically makes them goalie.  Oh well, we learned something new and may have to try this next game (minus being in the goal box or goal area since that is technically not allowed).

Sunday:  Long run.  Last 20 miler before Chicago!  I was kind of excited, because when I woke up, the temps were in the low 50s.  Unfortunately, as I scrolled down, I saw 100% humidity.  NOOOOOO!  It was so humid it was misty outside.  I started out with arm sleeves, but quickly shucked them as the humidity kept me from enjoying that cool air.  I started out with Stella with plans to get 15-16 with her before trading off with Deuce, since he got to do mileage yesterday.  I really would have enjoyed this run if the humidity had been manageable and my tummy had been nicer to me.  I still haven't fully gotten my tummy issues under control, and they were super bad during this run.  Add in day 2 of my period and well, I won't elaborate, but it wasn't pretty.  After picking deuce up at mile 15, I was suppose to have a fast finish, but the last 3 or 4 miles were just me trying not to quit.  My hip was tight and not 100% and my left upper back toward the end started having spasms (probably thanks to my hip).  I was trying to restrict my walking to fueling only, but towards the end it was when I needed it.  Thank goodness I have been doing this long enough to know that the taper heals the body, and that one truly bad run doesn't mean anything in the long run.

Total mileage for the week:  40


Have a good week!

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