Sunday, March 4, 2018

Week 11 of 18: Training for the Heartland 50 and Trail Marathon

Some weeks are more about being careful, recovering, and getting to the next week unhurt.  The race on Saturday really kicked my ass, thanks to having to stabilize in the mud for almost 4 straight hours.  Both of my hips were tight and sore, so the week was going to be more about babying them and getting through this pacing gig, than getting good miles in for training for the full.  Since I like to do lots of races on top of my goal race, this is something I just have to deal with.  I know it probably drives my coach batty, especially when I change up the schedule for the week on Final Surge, but she has been with me for a few years now so she probably expects it :)  This week was all about Dr. Seuss's birthday, so get ready for lots of crazy pictures of the kiddo.

Wear as many colors as you can day!  We tried!
Monday:  Major rest day.  Both hips are still quietly roaring at me.  I have been doing some hip opening stretches and trying to listen to their demands.  Of course this week is going to be the best week ever for running thanks to the perfect temperatures and NO humidity.

Eating outside on a February day!
Tuesday:  Slept in instead of getting up super early and going with the girls.  Was on the fence about even running or working out at all.  Decided to go ahead and do an easy 3 with walk breaks, and just see where my hips were.  Well, my hips were still pretty sore.  Plus, I ran out of daylight and was just in shorts and a tank top with no reflective gear, so decided to cut it short and head home.  The dogs were super happy to get out and enjoy the weather, and other than the wind, the temperatures felt great.  I am excited for warmer weather, just not humidity.

Wacky Wednesday!  Clothes on backwards and hair bushy!
Wednesday:  Active rest day.  Lots of yoga and hip opening exercises and stretching.  I am glad that at work, I had a ton of stuff that I set up and then had to wait to get done.  Lots of time to get down on the mat in my lab and stretch.  Not as sore today, but still tight even with all of the stretching and yoga I am doing.
Orange shandy in a bottle YES!  Come on spring!
Thursday:  5 very easy miles with the crazy ladies who run at 4 (that is the name of our group message on FB:).  I took it super easy.  We did loops at the rec complex which does have a nice little hill to hit every loop.  I was again tight and a tiny bit sore, but feeling way better than Tuesday's run.  I am starting to look forward to my pacing duties on Saturday with a smile instead of dread!!!!

Friday:  Travel day: rest day.  I was staying with my favorite newly graduated lab technician Becky down in Olathe KS.  I could pick up my packet on Friday or just go to her house and chill, and I decided to hang out with her and explore her new hood.  I could pick up my packet the morning of, and that sounded like more fun than driving all over KC.  I love her new digs and she is in a prime location.  We checked out Granite City Brewery and had a beer flight and some flat bread pizza.

Of course the garlic on the pizza gave me horrible indigestion, but I was armed and ready with Zantac.  I also super hydrated after the beer flight to make sure I was plenty hydrated before the race.  We then went to Trader Joe's for some dessert and to walk around.  We also visited an upscale dog/cat food and treat place and Williams and Sonoma.  

Saturday:  Liberty Hospital Half Marathon.  Pacing the 2:40 group.  Recap here.  Needed a total of 15 and got 14.5 before I stopped.  I really liked this race and would like to do it again either pacing or running it for time!

Sunday:  Easy run.  I honestly didn't have an idea of how many miles I would do, I just set out and let how I felt dictate how many I did.  I ended up doing 5 and while my hip is still slightly sore, I don't feel like it is going to go into full injury.  It was a wee bit windy, but we were all happy to get out and run!

I was a little short on miles this week, but I did what I needed to in order to make sure my body recovered.  While the half being super hilly didn't help, I am hoping the week ahead will continue the healing and recovering from both.  I don't have another race until my 10 K in April and then my full and then I can have lots of fun pacing half marathons! 

Have a great week and hope you get out and get some miles while the weather is nice!

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